Moore Swatches: Illyrian Polish – Opalescent Part 2 Collection


 Hey Sugas!!! Ever walk into a party late but you dance and wave you hands in the air like you just don’t care anyway because everyone is smiling and having such a good time? Well that’s how I feel this morning because while I may be ‘fashionably late’ the party is still going strong! So, D.J., let’s party to the beat of Shake Your Booty by KC and The Sunshine Band!

Flake flake flake, flake flake flake,
Flake your booty! Fake your booty!
Oh, shimmer shimmer shimmer, shimmer shimmer shimmer,
Shimmer your booty! Shimmer your booty.

Today I have all kinds of flakes and shimmer to share with you in the form of the Opalescent Part 2 Collection from Illyrian Polish. This 6 piece pre-order launched on Friday, March 1st but lucky for us cool cats that it runs thru 3/8, so don’t delay you jive turkey, ya dig?! 


Star Tonic

A milky/pastel neon magenta tinted base packed with teal/blue/indigo iridescent flakes.


A very pale indigo blue base packed with a red to green supershifty shimmer, pink to gold shimmer and iridescent flakes that shift from red/gold/green and indigo/blue.

Candy Floss

A lilac tinted base packed with pink/gold/green, pink/copper/orange and violet/pink/green iridescent flakes.

Rain Clouds

A teal base packed with a purple/indigo shimmer and blue/pink & teal/green/indigo  iridescent flakes. 

Moonbeam (M)

A strong indigo shimmer in a gray leaning purple base with a pink/yellow magnetic pull and violet/pink/gold/green iridescent flakes.


A pale iris base packed with green/violet and teal/turquoise shimmers.

Illyrian Polish – Opalescent Part 2 Collection

Opacity: swatches shown 3 thin coats

Price: $13/ea, $14 for Moonbeam, $12 for Marshmallow

Availability: Friday, March 1st at 6pm cst – Friday, March, 8th at 11:59pm cst

Illyrian Polish

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