Moore Swatches: Pahlish – Rose Duo & Wilds Collection



Hey Sugas!!! The day has arrived! The day I celebrate 5 years of marriage to my amazing hubby, Jason! Although we keep it pretty low key for our anniversary, I do want to take this opportunity to say how much I love him and look forward to a lifetime with him.

Now on to the polish…

Today I have the Rose Duo and the Wilds Collection from Pahlish.


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Moore Swatches: Zoya – Innocence Collection



Hey Sugas!!! Introducing INNOCENCE, the newest collection by Zoya for Spring 2019 that is evocative of nature and the transitions from Winter to Summer. Complete with its own thunderstorm in the color Theo, this collection is stormy and subtle, yet features a touch of brightness and softness.


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Moore Swatches: Zaftig Lacquer – Blooms Quad


Hey Sugas!!!! I am so over ‘old man winter’. We have used at least 5 snow days this school year and that doesn’t include the weather related early dismissals and delays. There have only 2 weeks in 2019 they went for a full 5 days. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate not having to venture out in the cold, wet weather and that the school officials are looking after the safety our children but at this point I cant keep a cookie, chip or piece of fruit in the house for longer than an a day. They are constantly hungry and the little one is “sooooo bored.” Like seriously, I remember snow days when I was in school, I took advantage and loafed all day. I dare not utter the word bored for fear my mom would create work for me. Ironically, my youngest enjoys math worksheets and reading, its the other 2 that dread the mere mention of work. I guess I should appreciate that she like school and likes to keep busy, I’m sure it won’t last for long.

Nevertheless, winter weather always makes me look forward to spring and the soft, pastel color palettes used as polish inspiration. For instance, the Blooms Quad from Zaftig Lacquer is complete of shades one might see when flowers start to…. BLOOM!! At this point, I can only hope that it’s sooner rather than later.


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Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – Mani Masterpieces Collection and February 2019 POTM


Hey Sugas!!! From the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh to Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer and David by Michelangelo Buonarroti, famous works of art are all around us and come in many shapes and forms. But now, you too can behold masterpieces in the palm of your hand with the 6 piece collection, Mani Masterpiece, from LynB Designs.

In addition to Mani Masterpiece, LynB Designs is also releasing the Feb 2019 polish of the month (POTM), Aquarius. Shout out to my own little water-bearer who will be turning 12 on the 18th. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday — I know cliché, but I do. I gave birth to my own little work of art and masterpiece who has matured into a responsible, trustworthy, compassionate, reliable, young lady. This post is for you, kid!


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Moore Swatches: Glisten & Glow – The Cartography Collection


Hey Sugas!!! Pop quiz…..

What is cartography?

No cheating, no asking your neighbor or using goggle. Leave your answer in the comments.

Today I have The Cartography Collection from Glisten & Glow. Jill and German blogger Marziphany, collaborated on a 3 piece mini collection that has one commonality, SHIMMER!!!


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Moore Swatches: Much Love Forever – Lovers Collection


Hey Sugas!! How about we start off the week with a “new” brand. When Jessica, owner/maker, of M.L.F Lacquer reached out to me to swatch her debut collection I was super excited because what’s better than a NEW brand launch?!

“M.L.F. Lacquer stands for Much Love Forever and was inspired by a love for colors, creativity, and nail polish. The initials are also a tribute to my daughter, Makayla, as they are her initials. She passed away from kidney cancer in 2017.”

“I will strive to release a quality product with reasonable prices and innovative colors.  My goal is always to provide top notch customer service.” ~ Jessica

Jessica Bumgardner is currently a work full time nurse, but has and is putting a lot of time and energy into launching her new business. She has a passion for helping others especially in times of trouble, helping others find the beauty in themselves and of course, nail polish. 

MLF Lacquer is a brand new, 1 women show. Her small business launched today, Monday, Feb. 4th and the debut quad, Lovers Collection, was inspired by Taylor Swift’s song You Are In Love. 




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Moore Swatches: Necessary Evil – The Queen Collection Part 2 and The World Is Your Oyster Stamping Lacquer


Hey Sugas!!! Last month, I introduced the first installment of the 26 piece Queen Collection from Necessary Evil Polish. Hopefully by now you’ve had an opportunity to purchase, but if not, it’s ok, because I have part 2, polishes 5-7, to share with you today. If you had an opportunity to join my live swatch party, then you saw how amazingly these preform. If not, feel free to take a gander here. Either way, keep reading to check out my swatches.

As a bonus, Tamara, is also releasing The World Is Your Oyster, a gorgeous white metallic stamping polish.


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