Moore Swatches: March Polish Pickup – Album Covers


Hey Sugas!!! I’m not sure about you, but music for me is a way to escape and on a day like today, music is exactly what the doctor ordered to soothe the my soul. Born in the 80s and raised in the 90s, when music was music…lol, a cool album cover was just as important as the music and the lyrics; the perfect combo for a top charting success in my opinion. I remember my friends and I used to flock to the record stores, like Circuit City and FYE and spend hours listening to CD after CD, being mesmerized by the album covers that would end up tell a story of our childhood years. For instance, Green Day ‘Dookie’, 

Whatever it is/was you listen(ed) to, I’m sure as soon as you heard the music you can close your eyes and picture the album cover. With the way music is set up, either digital and/or streamed nowadays, the art of the album cover under appreciated by many. That’s why today I am excited to feature 12 offerings from the March 2019 Polish Pickup themed on album covers. So plug your headphones in an turn up the volume.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ― Bono


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