Moore Swatch: Ethereal Lacquer – Mysticism Collection


Hey Sugas!! After a mini break or vacation, one tends to come back rejuvenated, refreshed, renewed and many more re- words that I’m just too lazy to list but you get the point and such is the case for Meagan of Ethereal Lacquer. Like many makers, Meagan took time during the holidays to enjoy with family and loved ones, and now that she has returned…. watch out!!

Ethereal Lacquer is reopening the shop Saturday, January 12th with a powerhouse preorder collection, Mysticism and the highly sought after, fan favorite, Bauble. The Mysticism Collection and is comprised of 6 polishes featuring a range of color shifting shimmer and flakes. And Bauble…. well…. you just have to see it to believe it! 


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