Moore Swatches: December 2018 HHC – Colors by Llarowe

Hey Sugas!!! It’s been a year! 2018 has had its highs and lows, the good, the bad and the ugly. But we’re almost there. With only 21 more days left in 2018, the best way to end the year is with a BANG! Colors by Llarowe (CbL) is doing just that with the final polish in the Bruno Mars series for Hella Handmade Creations (HHC). 
Today I have the December contribution for Hella Handmade Creations from CbL and has I’m sure you guessed…. it’s a stunner!!! Leah Ann pulled out all the stops for It Will Rain and just as the songs says;
“Cause there’ll be no sunlight
If I lose you, baby
There’ll be no clear skies
If I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds
My eyes will do the same, if you walk away
Everyday it will rain”
Missing out on this polish will seem like there is no sunlight, no clear skies and everyday it will rain.
For a complete overview of all the polishes being offered, be sure to join the Hella Handmade Creations Facebook Fan Group (link below).
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Moore Swatch: Ethereal Lacquer – Winter Collection


Hey Sugas!! When Meagan Fowler created her brand she chose the perfect name, Ethereal Lacquer. Ethereal means extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. It’s the latter part of the definition that really captures the essences of this brand and the polishes, ‘too perfect for this world.’

Ethereal Lacquer is a Florida based, small batch, artisan lacquer brand which creates 5 free, vegan and cruelty free polishes. The mission is simple – create fun colors for people who love nail polish and I’d have to say, thus far, she has accomplished just that.

Today I have 3 polishes from the Winter Collection which will be available when the shop reopens on Dec. 12th.


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Moore Swatch: Kandy Nail Lacquer


Hey Sugas!! Today’s featured polishes are from a ‘new to me’ brand, Kandy Nail Lacquer by Kanndra Taylor from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


“It’s like candy
I can feel it when you walk
Even when you talk it takes over me
You’re so dandy
I want to know
Can you feel it too just like I do”

I love when I can incorporate a polish, collection or brand with a song! And todays musical selection is Candy by Cameo. Don’t know it, listen here!

The rest of us will talk polish…

Kanndra has always loved nail polish and nail design and decided to go plant-based some years back. She grew a new found love for living a more natural lifestyle from her food to the products she used. She sought out to create a natural nail polish line that is healthy, nourishing and beautiful. This is when Kandy Nail Lacquer was introduced to the world!

Kandy Nail Lacquer products are 10 free, vegan, cruelty free, hand made and formulated and infused with the best essential oils infused which can help to strengthen weak and brittle nails and result in longer, healthier and stronger nails.


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Moore Swatch: Taupe Coat – 2 New Releases


Hey Sugas!! Here we are approaching 2019 like a freight train without brakes. My supervisor advised me that I have 4 days of PTO (paid time off) to use or lose. Now, I’m no fool so I immediately tried to find time on the calendar to take a few days off. Wouldn’t you know it, all the Fridays and Mondays for the remainder of 2018 are taken… so long ideas for a long weekend LOL! I opt to take Tuesday and Thursday of this week off and while it’s been relaxing, it also causes a lot of confusion when I do work. I logged in today thinking it was Monday because I was off yesterday. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying’ taking off in middle of the week as its ups and downs.

I am excited to be back today we another new post highlighting 2 new releases from Taupe Coat, Go For It and Bamboo Tiger. These shades and finishes are fierce, strong and SUPER versatile.


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Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – 12 Days of Buzz-mas


Hey Sugas!!! I’m a little behind the 8 ball 🎱 on this one and I apologize, the holidays and my sons birthday totally put me off schedule. So without any further delay, let’s talk 12 Days of Buzz-mas!

For the first 12 days of December, Bee’s Knees Lacquer is introducing new goodies and bringing back some fan faves. Each day at 12pm (noon) est, products will be added to the site as presented below. All orders will be held until Wednesday, December 12 and shipping will commence starting Thursday, December 13th! All products are in fixed quantizes so it’s up to you if you want to wait until the flash sale to make your order. Anything that sells out won’t be restocked so keep that in mind.

Got it? Good! Now let’s check out wht the Buzz-mas is all about!


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