Moore Swatches: Illyrian Polish – Nil Pt 2 Collection


 Hey Sugas!!! In haste to get to finish up some last minute work items and clock out promptly at 4pm to start my vacation, I forgot to bring one of my last posts for 2019. As we prepare to close out 2018, which has been a blast, we have many things to look forward to in 2019! One of them is the Nil Pt 2 Collection from Illyrian Polish which originally released in early December. Because of course you’ll need to spend all those holiday gift cards on polish, right?! And because the shop is currently closed, be sure to add this collection to your wish list and snag it when the shop reopens in January.


Lodi Dodi

A violet /periwinkle leaning tinted base with copper shimmer, red/gold/green aurora shimmer and scatter micro holo sparkle


A topper in a lightly violet pink tinted base packed with iridescent flakes in pink/gold/green, pink/violet, red/orange/gold, purple/pink/indigo and teal/blue/green. Shown over black crème base

Space Queen

A hunter green/teal base packed with copper/orange/green iridescent flake


A periwinkle base packed with teal/turquoise shimmer and blue/violet aurora shimmer

Northern Lights

A purple base with teal/blue/purple multichrome shift, holo sparkles and iridescent flakes in pink/gold/green, blue/teal/green and violet/indigo

Illyrian Polish – Nil Pt 2 Collection

Opacity: swatches shown 3 thin coats

Price: $12-13/ea or $60 for collection

Availability: visit site

Illyrian Polish

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