Tutorial: 5 Holiday Manis

Hey y’all!! Whether you’re attending an office holiday party or an ugly sweater gathering with your best girlfriends, your mani should be top notch but not break the bank. Let’s face it, this time of the year finances can be stretched thin but your mani should not have to suffer. Today I have 5 different holiday looks that can be done in the comfort of your own home with items you already have or cost less than $1.


If you’ve been following the Queendom for any amount of time, I hope you have picked up a polish or 2. For the first look select and two holiday colors,from your collection. I chose Blessed Be the Fruit by Grace-full and I Can See Your Halo by Alter Ego, and did a simple and classic accent nail.




Next up, is a look created simply using a toothpick and silver and gold acrylic paint from the local craft store. After applying 2 coats of Belladonna by Pahlish, I dipped the toothpick in the acrylic paint and ‘swirled’ it on my nail with random placement. I love the end result of whirlpools.

Dotticures are so much fun and look great anytime of the year. For this mani, again I used silver and gold acrylic paint over 2 coats of Up All Night by Kandy Nail Lacquer. I dipped the back end of my ballpoint pen in the paint to create the larger dots and my toothpick for the smaller ones.

This diagonal stripe mani did call for more of a steady handy but the fact that I did it using a toothpick, heck I even impressed myself and received multiple compliments. Again, I used silver and gold acrylic paint over coats of Mother Fauna from Glisten & Glow.

I have to admit that I loved my snowman mani most of all. It was a great compliment to my snowman ugly holiday sweater. He was easy to create using my ballpoint pen, toothpick to create the different sized dots and black and white acrylic paint over We Will Rock You from Necessary Evil.

I hope you have enjoyed these fun holiday mani ideas and if you decide to try any of them and post on IG, tag me, I’d love to see your design.

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