Moore Swatch: Taupe Coat – 2 New Releases


Hey Sugas!! Here we are approaching 2019 like a freight train without brakes. My supervisor advised me that I have 4 days of PTO (paid time off) to use or lose. Now, I’m no fool so I immediately tried to find time on the calendar to take a few days off. Wouldn’t you know it, all the Fridays and Mondays for the remainder of 2018 are taken… so long ideas for a long weekend LOL! I opt to take Tuesday and Thursday of this week off and while it’s been relaxing, it also causes a lot of confusion when I do work. I logged in today thinking it was Monday because I was off yesterday. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying’ taking off in middle of the week as its ups and downs.

I am excited to be back today we another new post highlighting 2 new releases from Taupe Coat, Go For It and Bamboo Tiger. These shades and finishes are fierce, strong and SUPER versatile.


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