Moore Swatches: Lemming Lacquer – Schools of Magic Collection


Hey Sugas! Welcome back, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! I got to do 3 of my favorite things over the holiday, eat, shop and sleep. Oh… and spend time with my family…lol. Kidding, I’m just kidding, of course my family is more important than eating and shopping. *whispering* “not really.”

On Friday, I was one of the crazy ones that was out at 6am to check out the Black Friday deals,. While I didn’t venture out for anything in particular, I did manage to score a new vacuum for $40 bucks and new Tupperware bowl set of 32 pieces for $6.88. It seems like every year I buy a new set and come thanksgiving, they are all gone. I end up with bowls, no lid or vice versa. Anyway, it was a very productive day. 

On to the polish…..

Today I am pleased as punch to show off the Schools of Magic Collection from Lemming Lacquer. Inspired by the 8 schools of magic from the role-playing game (RPG) Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), this collections focuses on each school and has been transmutated into nail polish. The Schools of Magic released on Friday, November 23rd, but I didn’t have an opportunity to have them up before then, but I have exciting news! You can still save 10% (no code needed) until 5am et on Tuesday, November 27th. ACT FAST!!! Regular pricing will be in effect thereafter.

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