Moore Swatches: KBShimmer – Winter 2018 Collection


WINTER?! you can say that again! Today Maryland is experiencing their first official snow of the season and it’s only November 15th. Now I’m no meteorologist, but does snow early in the season mean a snow-full winter? If so, I’m not ready.

Because of the snow, the kids are home from school and that only means one thing, chaos. The little one wants to go outside, the middle wants to go over to a friends house and the oldest wants to hang out with his girlfriend. Ummm, people… IT’S SNOWING!! And.. I still have to work, therefore no one is going anywhere! Sugas… y’all better pray!!!

Speaking of winter, it’s time to travel with KBShimmer on a winter’s journey through some of winters favorites. Today I have the 12 piece Winter 2018 Collection, which includes Santa Claws, the 2018 charity polish, that celebrates the feel in the air, the cozy vibe from bundling up, and festive times with friends. 

Each year KBShimmer chooses a charity close to their heart to donate to and this year, KBShimmer is excited to have chosen Terre Haute Humane Society. $4 from every bottle of Santa Claws purchased on will be donated to this amazing organization. Plus, one lucky person will be selected (purchase of Santa Claws required) and $250 will be donated to their local humane society.

But that’s not all – I have Black Friday Info!!!

KBShimmer is kicking off Black Friday early! Starting November 15th through November 25th, each purchase of $50 or more on will receive a KBShimmer holographic draw string backpack free! Plus, free shipping equals Priority Shipping!


**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Taupe Notch

A grey/beige crelly base swimmings with holo flecks and rose gold shimmer. 3 coats

I’ll Be Chrome For Christmas

A milky white crelly with multichrome chrome flakes in shades of red, gold and green. 3 coats

So Cordial

A warm red with micro holo flakes for added sparkle. 2 coats

Santa Claws (M) – Charity Polish

A bronze, gold multichrome with a red background. When magnetized, a green background sets off the red magnetic accent, while hints of gold shine through with a dusting of holo glitter. 2 coats

Sweater Weather

A bright and bold green with pops of micro holo flakes. 2 coats

Flake Expectations

A multichrome flakie with shifts from lime gold, to bright green, to royal blue to navy.  2 coats over black crème. Or sponge on in 3-4 for full coverage.

Yes Weekend!

A multichrome flakie with bold shifts from a vibrant green to aquamarine, fuchsia, magenta and orange. 2 coats over black crème. Or sponge on in 3-4 for full coverage.

I Cat Even

A deepened navy blue linear holo that in some lights looks blurple. 2 coats

Space-ial Edition (M)

A deep purple magnetic polish with a galaxies worth of holo flakes and strong blue shimmer.  2 coats.

Love Thy Selfie

A multichrome flakie with shifts from a rich indigo, to royal purple, fuchsia and magenta.  2 coats over black crème. Or sponge on in 3-4 for full coverage.

On Cloud Wine

A red leaning grape jelly polish with shifting flakes morphing from shades of teal to purple and fuchsia. 3 coats.


A bright mix of multichrome flakes start with fuchsia, and shift into hues of purple, magenta and orange. 2 coats over black crème. Or sponge on in 3-4 for full coverage.

KBShimmer Holographic Draw String Backpack

KBShimmer – Winter 2018 Collection

The Queen’s Choice: So Cordial and Sweather Weather

Opacity: as stated above

Price: $10 each

Availability: Thursday, November 15th at 1pm est


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