Moore Swatches: Jior Couture – November 2018 Blogger Collab – I’m Just Here For the Comments


Hey Sugas!!! Today I have the upcoming November Blogger Collab from Jior Couture and swatcher, Tasha Drake of td_nailedit on IG.

Sacha and Tasha created 5 new polishes that will give you your entire life and serve up the sass and foolishness we live for. Social media is a trip but we love it, right? Right! Posts can have a comment thread a mile long but we grab a drink, some popcorn and settle in! #twosnaps because y’all know I love me a good comment thread!   

Yaaasssss….. honey, the shade is real and the GIFs are cute but we all know, I’m Just Here For the Comments!!


**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Throw the Whole ___________ Away

An army green base with violet shimmer

This comment refers to when you can’t believe the foolishness you have just witnessed, whether seen or heard, just ‘throw the whole ____ (replace with whatever it is) away!’

I Said What I Said

A hot, deep pink scattered holo with multichrome flakes

The comment means exactly what is says… period. Don’t keep trying my patience because ‘I said what I said.’ No if, and or buts about it. 

I’m Good Luv, Enjoy!

A blurple base with scattered holo, copper and blurple shimmer

I love the sarcasm from the this comment. This comment is a great conversation ender in a shady kinda way. When you’re done saying what you have to say and no longer will engage, ‘I’m good luv, enjoy.” #enoughsaid

Don’t @ Me!

A fiery red holo with gold flakes

In the comments when someone (@) you they tag you to make sure you saw they were talking to you. ‘Don’t @ Me’ boo, I saw your comment and I’m choosing not to respond.

Where’s The Lie?

A gold/green/copper/red multichrome with holo microglitter

When that person in the comments is keeping 100% and someone else tries to act like they aren’t. So you call them on it, ‘where’s the lie?’ because you better have your receipts and invoices.

Jior Couture – November 2018 Blogger Collab – I’m Just Here For the Comments

The Queen’s Choice: I’m Good Luv, Enjoy!

Opacity: swatches shown in 3 thin coats.

Price: Individually – $10 / Collection – $48

Availability: Wednesday, November 14th

Leave your favorite comment in the comments.

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