Tutorial: Neon Flames

Hey y’all!! Happy Halloween!!! I recently did Neon Flame Twin Nails with Maria and I thought today would be the perfect day to show you just how I accomplished my mani.

I love this mani because 1) it was so simple to do, once I found some “flames” to use, 2) the use of non-traditional, neon colors was exciting and 3) I had a great time collaborating with Maria.


Neon Flames

What I used:


I applied Nail Envy and Purity to my nails (as shown above)


Once dry, I applied 1 coat of Pit Viper Yellow and Orangutan Orange as shown above




Finally, I stamped the flames at the top/cuticle area of my nails and finishes with a layer of glossy, QDTC.

There you have it!

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