Moore Swatches: Dimension Nails Premium Lacquer


Hey Sugas!!! Today I am over the moon excited to share 4 amazing polishes from a “new to me” brand, Dimension Nails Premium Lacquer. The reason I am so uber excited is because this brand has been on my list of “must try” for a loooooooong time, so when I was asked to swatch a few colors, I jumped at the chance.  

But first…. about the brand. From what I can gather, Stephanie, brand owner and creator is based out of Florida and has a heart for all things animals. Not only are all of the products 100% vegan and 10-free, but they are also cruelty free and certified by PETA. Dimension Nails is not just nail polish, the shop also offers gel polish/builders, cosmetic grade glitters, glass crystals and charms just to name a few.

Upon opening the my swatch package, I was absolutely floored by the 4 glorious crèmes I was sent. Initially I opened each one and ran the brush against the neck of the bottle. Come on… I’m not the only one who does that. Anyway, I noticed how velvety smooth the polishes were, no odor and well mixed. I could immediately tell I was going to love these polishes and this brand. Let’s take a look. 


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