Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – Fantastic Beasts Collection


Hey Sugas!! Today I have the 6 piece Fantastic Beasts Collection from LynB Designs. As you may have guessed, this collection was inspired by the 2016 movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Before we met the characters that inspired these polishes, let’s all be sure we are on the same page about the movie.

Set in the mid-20s New York, Newt Scamander, arrives in town, holding a mysterious leather suitcase. Newt is a young British activist wizard and the suitcase… well, it contains… lets just say a wide array of diverse and magical creatures. The precious suitcase is lost and to make matters worse, several creatures will manage to escape. The question is, what will happen to the remaining fantastic beasts still loose in the streets?

This movie is based on the novel written by J.K. Rawling and will be followed by Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald hitting theaters this November. 

What do ya say we meet some of these…. lively creatures?! 


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue (liquid latex peel off base coat) and Matte Top Coat from Sassy Sauce Polish and Top Coat (glossy, QTDC) from Glisten & Glow. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**


A chameleon lavender base with green iridescent micro flakies

Occamy – The serpentine-bodied creature that will grow to fit available space, meaning it can stretch its body to every corner of a room or it can shrink itself to fit into a tiny tea cup.


A black to clear thermal base with purple to mauve shifting flakies and micro holo sparkle

An Obscurus was the manifestation of the repressed energy of a magical child (known as an Obscurial). Described as a “dark” and “parasitic” force, an Obscurus was created when the child in question consciously attempted to repress their talent or were forced to do so through physical or psychological abuse.


A rose gold micro flakie base with linear holo and a subtle pink to gold to orange shifting glow

Murtlap – An odd, marine rat that has a sea anemone for a back and bares a vicious bite.

Swooping Evil

An intense blue base with green to sapphire to blue to indigo UCC shifting flakies, intense blue to green shifting pigment and holographic micro flakies

Swooping Evil – A cross between a reptile and a butterfly. But don’t be fooled to think these beautifully-winged creatures are gentle. They can feed on people’s brains and deflect spells by flying into their enemies’ paths.


An emerald green base with green to blue to purple shifting shimmer, bronze micro flakies, and copper galaxy holo glitters

Diricawl  – A flightless bird (aka the dodo bird to muggles) with a funny secret To escape from danger, the feathered creatures can disappear and reappear some place new.


A murky grey base with purple undertones with holo shreds, blue and purple iridescent flakies, and intense blue to purple shifting pigment

Doxy’s nickname is the Biting Fairy and for good reason. One should take an antidote immediately if bitten by its venomous teeth.

LynB Designs – Fantastic Beasts Collection

Opacity: 3 thin coats

Price: $10 each or $60 for the whole collection

Availability: Friday, Oct 12th at noon EST

Discount Code: 1/2 off with the code BEASTS through the 17th

LynB Designs

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