Moore Swatches: Necessary Evil – Elements Collection and October NERD


Hey Sugas!!! Moral Compass by definition when used in reference is a person’s internalized set of values and objectives which guide a person with regard to ethical behavior and decision-making (ability to judge and distinguish what is right and wrong) and act accordingly. My moral compass says that the October NERD from Necessary Evil, is absolute perfection.

Want to know what else my moral compass is saying?

The Elements Collection is a must! For all the thermal lovers out there, this quad is gonna blow you away! For two thousand years, ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of: earth, water, air, and fire. It was the cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine. Let’s check them out!


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex peel off base coat) by Vapid, Top Coat (glossy QDTC) by Glisten & Glow and Matte Topcoat (matte topcoat) by Sassy Sauce Polish. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

October NERD

Moral Compass (M)

A chameleon multichrome magnetic that shifts from forest/turquoise green to purplish-blue. The magnetic part transitions from a purple to fuchsia and a dab of aurora pigment in the mix.

Elements Collection (T)


A purple to clear to gold thermal with gold shimmer, two different kinds of gold flakes, scattered holo and itsy bit of purple metallic flake

Water is Life

A teal to silver thermal with loads of opal flake, aurora shimmer and scattered holo


A red-orange to clear thermal with a red aurora pigment and red gold opal flake with scattered holo and ruby metallic microaflake


A vibrant forest green to ocean blue thermal with copper and red ucc flakes and scattered holo


Overall Thoughts – Necessary Evil – Facebook Group Customs, Monthly NERD and Once in a Lifetime

Formula / Application: no issues to report

Opacity: swatches shown in 2 coats unless otherwise stated above

Price: $

  • October NERD – 12
  • Elements Collection – $11.50/ea or $37/set

Availability: Current

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