Moore Swatches: Lil Fang Lacquer

Hey Sugas!!! Today I have a ‘new to me’ brand, Lil Fang Lacquer out of Ogden, UT.¬†Owner and creator, Stephanie Dailey is a certified nail tech and a bada$$ when it comes to making polish.
Her love of nail polish started about 8 years ago when she gracefully fell down the indie rabbit hole, a common story of many of us…. lol ūüėā. That love then turned into a dream to one day make and start her own polish brand.
Fast forward to present day and here we are. I have to pleasure to share with you 6 of her newest creations. But first I want to share my experience.
Upon receiving my package, Banana Daiquiri, the bottle was busted… thanks USPS and the 1,000,000 degree temp outside in July. I was able to decant a small amount into a mini bottle I had laying around. I reached out to Stephanie and she did send me a new bottle but the polish was so beautiful I couldn’t wait to swatch it, hence the mini bottle in my swatch pictures.
Nevertheless, I have to admit that these shades are outstanding!!! Let’s take a look.
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Moore Swatches: Polish Con MN Fall 2018 – VIP, Limited Edition (LE) and Show Exclusive Polishes Part 2 of 2


Hey Sugas!! I don’t want to sound like a broken record, so if you missed any part of the PC MN Fall 2018 info, please check out part 1 of the all-inclusive VIP, LE, Exclusives.

Now, let’s tune into brands K thru T, currently in progress!


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Moore Swatches: Polish Con MN Fall 2018 – VIP, Limited Edition (LE) and Show Exclusive Polishes Part 1 of 2


Hey Sugas!! That magically time is upon us! What time, you ask? Polish Con time!!

Polish Con MN Fall 2018

Please note, this post does contain VIP bag polishes swatches.


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Moore Swatches: September 2018 HHC – Colors by Llarowe (CbL) and Great Lakes Lacquer

Hey Sugas!!! Today, I have the September Hella Handmade Creations contributions from both Colors by Llarowe and Great Lakes Lacquer (GLL).
Leah Ann of Cbl continues to get the crowd movin’ and shakin’ with Uptown Funk Pt 2. There is something about this song and the polish that will have you out of your sit and dancing all night long.
Mariah forges ahead¬†drawing¬†inspiration from her chosen theme, Lord of the Rings (LotR)… #classic!
For a complete overview of all the polishes being offered, be sure to join the Hella Handmade Creations Facebook Fan Group (link below).
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Moore Swatches: Glisten & Glow – Mother Earth Collection Part 2


*Shouting* “All rise and¬†hail the Queen of Cremes!!!”

Hey Sugas!!! Please help me welcome back to the Queendom, Jill of Glisten & Glow. Jill continues to reign and hold court with Part 2 of the Mother Earth Collection launching Thursday, September 13th. This 4-piece, jewel-toned quad features some of the most perfect crèmes and the set is a must have as we are ushered into the Fall/Autumn months. This past weekend the east coast was hit with some cooler temps and rain and the only thing that made I bearable was this quad, some feel good music and an extra hot PSL!

Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to review the first installment of this collection, a good friend of mine did. Alicia of Delishous Nail has the¬†Mother Earth Collection: Part 1 featuring Mother Moon, Mother Sky, Mother Sea and Mother Flora on her blog. AND…. they are still available in the shop, so make sure you pick them up too along with a cuticle oil and bottle of top coat… you’ll thank me later!!


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Moore Swatches: Great Lakes Lacquer – Glass Resurrected Collection


Hey Sugas, we made it! It’s Friday!!! I am super pumped to share todays¬†featured quad from Great Lakes Lacquer. But before we check out the swatches, let’s talk about glass.

“She’s like broken glass. Dangerous with sharp edges; but beautifully complex.” – Jordan Sarah Weatherhad, Author of Naked Truth

This quote is a direct and accurate description of the Glass Resurrected Collection. This 4 piece set is, stunningly beautiful and complex as they glow from within. The only thing dangerous about them is letting it pass you by. AND… there is a gift with purchase**!!! Gift Of Glass will only be given as a gift at Con for purchase of the whole collection.¬†If¬†there is an over pour,¬†the rest will be given as a gift to those who purchase it online; first come, first served.


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Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group Customs Quad and Halloween Trio


Hey Sugas!! It’s Friday Eve and even though this was a short work week, it felt as though it lasted a lifetime. Could it be because I was up at 6:30 every morning¬†or because I went to bed every night well after 11pm? I don’t know and I’m too tired to figure it out but one thing I do know is that this weekend is all about me! I am already planning and going to enjoy 1… maybe 2 naps…lol! Oh, I forgot to tell you all about my homework from Tuesday. As you know, my children went back to school this past Tuesday and they each come home with a plethora of forms for us to sign. And by us, I mean¬†Jason and I. But as you may have guessed, I was the only one who did all the completing. Our¬†10th and 6th graders, had so many syllabuses to sign and our 2nd graders had¬†‘All About Me’ homework and a ‘What to Expect in 2nd Grade’ form.¬†I’m surprised I made it out alive.

On to the polish….

Today I have 2 special collections from LynB Designs, the LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group¬†Customs Quad and the Halloween Trio. Yes, you guessed it, you must be a member of the¬†LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group (link below) to purchase the quad as members¬†will have a special code to make the quad half off along with the rest of the store. AND….. the Halloween Trio (along with majority of the store) will also be 1/2 off with the code SPOOKY.¬†


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Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – September / Polish Con Fall 2018 Release


Hey Sugas! Who’s looking forward to Polish Con (PC) Fall 2018?!?!?!?!?! PC is just around the corner on Saturday, Sept. 15th in MN at the Mall of America. WOOHOO! The week after that is the first official day of Autumn/Fall and I’m super excited to share with the September Release from Sassy Sauce Polish that will debuting at PC.

Sassy Sauce Polish is releasing 6 new shades so¬†let’s check them out.


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Moore Swatches: Blush Lacquers – The Hope Box: Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Box Contribution


Hey Sugas!!! We all know that cancer sucks, there is absolutely, positively nothing good about it. Everyday there are more and more diagnoses and too many losing their battle. It is hard on the patient and their families. But one thing we have to have is hope Рhope for a cure!

Along with hope, there must be support and unity in the fight against cancer. Month after month there is a different, even multiple awareness ribbons flying ¬†high to represent unconditional love. As we all know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) and it’s fast approaching. This year marks the inaugural¬†“The Hope Box: Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Box” curated by none other than Chrissy of Turtle Tootise and features polish, sugar scrub, wax, lip balm and much more from just a few mega makers in the¬†indie community.

The Hope Box will occur annually¬†consisting of multiple makers each making a pink polish to support and raise awareness for breast cancer and a portion¬†of the proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Customers have the option to purchase the whole “box” at a deep discount or pink and choose individual polishes. Hahahaha… get it, pink and chose!

Today I have 1 of the polishes that will be available and it’s from Victoria of Blush Lacquers but you can see all the polish swatches live here. Be sure to join The Hope Box: Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Box Facebook Group for up to date details and information (link below).


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