Moore Swatches: Grace-full Nail Polish – Enchanted Fables Collection


Hey Sugas!! ALERT: “New to me” brand ahead!!!

Today I am excited to share the 8 piece Enchanted Fables Collection from Grace-Full Nail Polish. But first, let us give Theresa and Grace-Full Nail Polish a warm Queendom style welcome! *insert clapping and cheering here!

In true Queendom fashion, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a little back on the creator and brand.

Grace-full Nail Polish is an Aussie brand created and hand blended in Tasmania by Theresa Carter since Oct 2014. The brand was named after Theresa’s daughter Grace who she only got to keep for 32 1/2 hours but loves for a lifetime. The hyphen (-) -Full is from the “gorgeous little girl gone too soon that taught us all that things aren’t just beautiful they are beauty-full.”

On to the polish…

The Enchanted Fables Collection is inspired by all things Fairy Tales and features 3 holo, 3 thermals, a metallic flake and an aurora shimmer.

Side note and fun fact #154 about me, my favorite fairy tale is……

Ya gotta keep reading to find out.


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