Moore Swatches: Pahlish – Holo-Ween Remix & All Holos Eve


Hey Sugas!!! I know many folks look forward to fall/autumn because they love Halloween but I for one, am in great anticipation of fall/autumn because to represents the return of some of my favorite tv shows. While I do indulge in some “reality” tv, it’s shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Voice, The Resident, Chicago Med, HTGAWM and This Is Us All , that have me sitting in front of the tv like a kid in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

But for those that get all giddy about Halloween, let’s chat about the Holo-Ween Remix Trio and 6-piece All Holo Eve set releasing this Sunday, September 23 from Pahlish. Shannon has revamped versions of a few of the OG Holo-Ween favorites to bring us “the remix” aka 2.0! 

And, as if that weren’t enough, here’s some else fun to look forward to! Boo-Spoke Batches 2018!!!! Special edition Boo-Spoke Batches for Holo-Ween 2018 are all packed with as much shifty, flakie, holo goodness that could fit into each bottle. Each come with a special limited edition magnet featuring an exclusive Boo illustrated by Mr. Pahlish! A new Boo will be available each Sunday for preorder with any available overpour available on 10/28. Be sure to check out the various Pahlish social media platforms (links below) for swatches and visit Pahlish each Sunday for a new Boo-Reveal 9/30 to 10/21! Each will retail for $14 and include a free LE magnet unique to each shade!


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