Moore Swatches: Polish Con MN Fall 2018 – VIP, Limited Edition (LE) and Show Exclusive Polishes Part 2 of 2


Hey Sugas!! I don’t want to sound like a broken record, so if you missed any part of the PC MN Fall 2018 info, please check out part 1 of the all-inclusive VIP, LE, Exclusives.

Now, let’s tune into brands K thru T, currently in progress!


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex Peel-off Base) by Vapid, Top Coat (glossy, QDTC) from Glisten & Glow and Matte Top Coat (matte topcoat) by Sassy Sauce. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

KBShimmer Nail Polish

Maker: Christy

Theme/Inspiration: Christy grew up in MN where the folks bleed PURPLE!!! Between the Vikings and Prince, the color has always been a part of the states identity. She created the VIP to honor not only Prince, but the football team she grew up with. In honor of her alma mater, as UMN grad, she created Gohper It! after Golden Gophers and maroon and gold. Lastly, Minnesota is chalk full of lakes, and since winter gets so cold there, people still need to fish!  So folks break out the augers and go ice fishing! The second exclusive is a nod to those frozen fishermen (and women).  

General Sales Information: VIP only available in VIP bags, and exclusive over pours will be available after the show.  

Pricing: Special pricing to be announced at the show!

Purple Reign (VIP) –  A rich, royal purple shade and added a touch of holo sparkle with micro holo flakes and shimmer

Gopher It! (Exclusive)  – A stunning linear holographic multichrome which shifts from shades of pink and maroon to warm gold and copper

Ice Ice Fishing (Exclusive) – A deep midnight with blue shimmer to an icy near white with blue shimmer thermal with holographic glitters

Leesha’s Lacquer

Maker: Alicia

Theme/Inspiration: It’s true, MINNESOTANS really do say “yeah, sure, you betch!” Just ask Alicia’s dad, who even has it printed on a shirt that he proudly wears when we go on vacation “Up North”.

Pricing: $10 / Cap: 40 bottles

Yeah, Sure, You Betcha (Exclusive) – A light grey jelly with purple/blue flakies and a purple/blue shimmer

Native War Paints

Maker: Amanda and Brian

General Sales Information: Extras will be available the day after Polish Con

Pricing: Bezhig, Niizh and My New Sweater will be $10.00 each during Polish Con and $11.00 each on the website the day after. Pink Skyline will be $11.00 the day of and $12.00 on the site. Broke Again and Verbena will be $12.00 and then $13.00.

Broke Again (LE) – An indigo with copper shimmer, copper/green aurora pigment, packed with holo

Bezhig (LE) – A fuchsia with gold to green shimmer

Niizh (LE) – A deep cerulean with gold to green shimmer

My New Sweater (LE) – A deep teal with red/orange/yellow shifting shimmer

Verbena (LE) – A royal purple with blue/purple/orange shifting shimmer, purple/copper/green aurora pigment and a touch of holo

Pink Skyline (LE) – A pink with cyan/blue/red shimmer, lots of holo and holo flakies

Rogue Lacquer

Maker: Rachel

Pricing: $12

Debuting at PC: Wilds of Arizona Quad

Cherry on Top (LE) – A metallic rose gold linear holo with micro holo glitters

Stone Bridge (LE) – A purple toned gray with pink purple green unicorn pigment holo and orange pink and gold color shifting flakes

Sassy Pants Polish

Maker: Angie

Theme/Inspiration: Prince’s Paisley Park and are a play on names of his songs.

 General Sales Information: Exclusive and LE’s will be available post con if any remain. 

Pricing: Exclusive – $13 and LEs – $12. There will also be a very limited number of Trio Gift Packs for $36 which includes the 3 LE PC polishes and a FREE Sassy Pants Polish Shot Glass. Magnets will also be available for $2.50

Purple Reign (Exclusive) – An ultra chameleon chrome magnetic polish with chameleon iridescent flakes that shift from green to blue to violet

When Doves Sigh (LE) – A grayed periwinkle lavender scattered holographic polish with arora holographic shifting shimmer

Raspberry Soiree (LE) – A plum purple glass fleck polish with a raspberry shift. Features an aurora holographic shifting shimmer

Nothing Compares to Blue (LE) – A sapphire blue with holographic blue and multi-chrome shifting shimmer and red shimmer

Sassy Sauce Polish

Makers: Carrie

Theme/Inspiration: The many lakes of Minnesota, one of the largest twine balls and the skyway system that connects 80 city blocks over 11 miles

Pricing: $10

Whole Lotta Lakes (Exclusive) – A muddy brown to bright green thermal with a boatload of 3 different duochrome flakes and sparkling violet shimmer

Holy Twine Ball (Exclusive) – A shimmery golden crelly with rainbow flakies and bronze micro flakes

Skippin on the Skyway (Exclusive) – A creamy turquoise with copper to violet shimmer loaded with green, blue, violet shifting flakes

Tonic Polish

Maker: Lindsay

Theme/Inspiration: Named after the new Apply developed by the University of Minnesota

First Kiss (VIP) – A dark, dusty purple tones mauve crème with a strong turquoise shimmer

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