Moore Swatches: Great Lakes Lacquer – Glass Resurrected Collection


Hey Sugas, we made it! It’s Friday!!! I am super pumped to share todays featured quad from Great Lakes Lacquer. But before we check out the swatches, let’s talk about glass.

“She’s like broken glass. Dangerous with sharp edges; but beautifully complex.” – Jordan Sarah Weatherhad, Author of Naked Truth

This quote is a direct and accurate description of the Glass Resurrected Collection. This 4 piece set is, stunningly beautiful and complex as they glow from within. The only thing dangerous about them is letting it pass you by. AND… there is a gift with purchase**!!! Gift Of Glass will only be given as a gift at Con for purchase of the whole collection. If there is an over pour, the rest will be given as a gift to those who purchase it online; first come, first served.


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