Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group Customs Quad and Halloween Trio


Hey Sugas!! It’s Friday Eve and even though this was a short work week, it felt as though it lasted a lifetime. Could it be because I was up at 6:30 every morning or because I went to bed every night well after 11pm? I don’t know and I’m too tired to figure it out but one thing I do know is that this weekend is all about me! I am already planning and going to enjoy 1… maybe 2 naps…lol! Oh, I forgot to tell you all about my homework from Tuesday. As you know, my children went back to school this past Tuesday and they each come home with a plethora of forms for us to sign. And by us, I mean Jason and I. But as you may have guessed, I was the only one who did all the completing. Our 10th and 6th graders, had so many syllabuses to sign and our 2nd graders had ‘All About Me’ homework and a ‘What to Expect in 2nd Grade’ form. I’m surprised I made it out alive.

On to the polish….

Today I have 2 special collections from LynB Designs, the LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group Customs Quad and the Halloween Trio. Yes, you guessed it, you must be a member of the LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group (link below) to purchase the quad as members will have a special code to make the quad half off along with the rest of the store. AND….. the Halloween Trio (along with majority of the store) will also be 1/2 off with the code SPOOKY. 


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue (liquid latex peel off base coat) and Matte Top Coat from Sassy Sauce Polish and Top Coat (glossy, QTDC) from Glisten & Glow. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group Customs

Rosy Sunset

A juicy bright pink base filled with blue to purple to red to gold UCC flakies, a hint of blue glow, and gold galaxy holo

Chromatic Crustacean

An aqua base with copper to green to blue to orange color shifting flakies, and red to purple to gold shifting shimmer

Celestial Aura

A lavender base with teal to blue to purple to pink to copper UCC flakies, blue shimmer, and a touch of holo sparkle

Iridescent Shart

An intense royal blue base with purple/blue iridescent flakies and violet glow

Halloween Trio

Unicorn Horn

A pastel orange base with intense purple to green to blue to teal shifting shimmer, a rainbow of fantasy iridescent flakes, and a scattering of holo micro shimmer

Mermaid Tails

A sky blue base with green to red to gold shifting shimmer, orange to pink to gold shifting flakies, and scattered holo micro shreds

Dragon Scales (T)

Am indigo to deep teal thermal with green to teal to blue to purple to copper UCC flakies and micro holo flakies

 Overall Thoughts – LynB Designs – LynB Loves Facebook Fan Group Customs Quad and Halloween Trio

Formula / Application: no issues to report.

Opacity: 3 thin coats

Price: $10

Availability: Friday, Sept. 14th at noon EST

LynB Designs

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