Moore Swatches: September Polish Pickup – Horror Movies


Hey Sugas!! A few months ago in a different post I told you all that I don’t do haunted, horror, scary, creepy or spooky. I’m am the biggest scaredy-cat, yes I said it and I’m not ashamed…lol. In my early teens, my aunt would have sleepover with my cousins and I and they would watch Jason and Freddy Krueger movies. Meanwhile I’d be in the corner petrified and afraid to go to sleep. I guess I just never grew out of it.

The September theme for polish pickup (PPU) was…. you guessed it, horror movies. But there is nothing scary about these polishes, in fact, they are quiet spectacular. Today, I have 13 polishes – how lucky is that, inspired by movies like Jurassc Park, Carrie and The Shining, just to name a few. 


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