Moore Swatches: Chirality Polish – Indie Positivity Facebook Fan Group Custom


Hey Sugas!! As you may have guessed from the title of this post, today I have the September Indie Positivity Facebook Fan Group Custom featuring Chirality Polish. Before we jump into the polish, I thought I’d break down the word positivity for just a sec. I did a little research online and concluded with the following definition…

Positivity – the practice of being or tendency to be positive (having a good effect) or optimistic (a habit of expecting everything to turn out for the best) in attitude.

A few antonyms would be negative, unfavorable, doubtful, etc.

A few years ago, I started thinking about whether I was living a positive life, my best life or one of negativity. I think overall, 80% percent of the time, I was and still am positive. Don’t get me wrong, I am human and sometimes life can just weigh me down, but the key to that is not staying down too long – no pity parties. Not only do we have to bounce back, but we have to bounce back 10 times more – better and in a positive direction! 

I have found myself trying to be more positive, because let’s face it, who wants to be a Debbie Downer all the time? Not me!

Positive affirmations (for myself and others) 

  •  I have yellow sticky notes all over my bathroom mirror and office with little “I am” sayings “I am beautiful”, ” I am talented”, “I am worthy”. I also affirm my daughter with these as well.


  • Even when I don’t want to…lol. We live in a digital and technology filled world and sometimes we mis-read written messages which can send us right into a negative mood. I am learned that reading with a smile can change my mindset and if I question the emotion or intent, I can CALL the sender before attitude and defense occur.

Engage with Others

  • There is nothing more positive that being around others that life your spirits and you can reciprocate. Smiling and laughing are good for the soul.

Be Kind

  • We’ve all heard the saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” For me, this going for others and to myself.

I could go on and on but my point is, positivity is vital for healthy development.

On to the polish…

As I stated before, today I have the September group custom from Chirality Polish for the Indie Positivty Facebook Group. As you may have guessed, you will need to be a member in order to purchase Stargaze. Stargaze was created with a positive, “look to the stars” vibes and to continue to spread the positivity feels, Amanda, creator and owner of Chirality Polish, will be also be offering a discount code for 13% off orders over $20. The code will only be shared in the group.


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