Moore Swatches: Night Owl Lacquer – Pluviophile Collection and September Crème of the Month


Hey Sugas! Ring, ring, school is back in session because let’s face it, we can all stand to learn a new fun fact every now and then. It exercises the brain and who know when you’ll need a little bit of information during a family fun trivia game night.

Because I am featuring the 9 piece Pluviophile Collection from Night Owl Lacquer, I thought it would be fun to learn and test your Pluviophile knowledge.

Definition of pluvial

  • of or relating to rain
  • characterized by abundant rain

Definition of -phil or -phile

  • lover/loving : one having an affinity or fondness for or a strong attraction

Combining them simply means, a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Rain Fun Facts:

  • Rain falls from clouds in the sky in the form of water droplets, this is called precipitation
  • Weather reporters use Doppler radar to detect rain, hail and other storms. This equipment can tell how much moisture is probably coming, as well as the wind speed
  • Rain has more than one name: Snow, Sleet (slushy, freezing rain), Ice (tiny drops of ice that fall like rain) and Hail
  • Deserts get less rain than any other type of climate except the continent of Antarctica. It is the driest continent on Earth.

Good stuff… you’ll thank me later…lol.

On to the polish….

Again, I have the 9 piece Pluviophile Collection which features 6 crèmes and 3 toppers. I’m also please as punch to show you the September Crème of the Month. It must be my birthday with all these crèmes around here!


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