Moore Swatches: Pahlish – Ciao Bella! Collection


Hey Sugas!!! Or I guess in this case I should say, Ciao Sugas…lol!

So we are all on the same page, ciao is the informal greeting at meeting or parting ones company and bella is the feminine form of bello meaning beautiful! So putting them together simply means… Hello/Goodbye Beautiful.

Before we get into the polish, I wanted to share that a few months ago, Jason and I attended a private couples cooking class that a friend arranged. We had such a great time and you know you all know I love me some good food. The theme was a Italian and Jason I made basil pesto with penne noodles and zuppa Toscana while other couples made various dishes including Tiramisu, carbonara, and there was a chicken dish I can’t remember the name of but nevertheless, it was the bomb!! I say all that to say, if the food of Italy is anything like the country and its culture, then sign me honey because I need to be there.

With the help of Google translate, let’s al try this one for size, “oggi ho la collezione Ciao Bella di 6 pezzi di Pahlish.” This translates into English as, “today I have the 6 piece Ciao Bella! Collection from Pahlish.” See… you just learned something new today – you’re welcome! The Ciao Bella! Collection is the ode to all things Italian and the end of summer.

Ciao Bella!…

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