Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – Facebook Group Custom and TIS Exclusives & Releases


Holy guacamole-y batman! Today I have some show stopping polishes from Bee’s Knees Lacquer (BKL) that will be at The Indie Shop (TIS)-Seattle. All of these polishes are certifiably drool worthy and if you hadn’t made plans to stop by Sarah’s table, hopefully this post will push you over the edge.

So… what do I have today???

Well, let’s see! I have the Bee’s Knees Facebook Group Custom, the TIS VIP bag exclusive and 3 event polishes, 3 brand new multichromes AND 3 UP sibling polishes for a grand total of 11 polishes!!

I’ll shut up now so we can get to what you came here for….the polish!


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Moore Swatches: Pepper Pot Polish – Rebel Girls Quad


Hey Sugas!!! I hope that you all had an amazing weekend. I, myself, had a great one. I spent time with family and friends and made memories that are sure to last a lifetime. While it’s not new that Jason and I cook together, this past weekend we did an instructor-led cooking class with both old and new couple-friends. The theme was Italian and let me just say, EVERYTHING was delicious! We are already scheduling and looking forward to the next one.

But on to the polish…

Who’s excited about TIS aka The Indie Shop??? Unfortunately for me, TIS is literally across the country and I’m totally bummed that I won’t be able to go but one of the makers attending I had the pleasure of meeting at PC, Mackenzie, owner, maker and creator of Pepper Pot Polish. Since growing up in the 90s in the Pacific Northwest, Mackenzie decided she was going to do a 90’s/grunge themed collection for TIS Seattle. The quad is inspired primarily by the 3rd wave feminist punk rock movement, Riot Grrrl, and the fashion and ideology she was surrounded by in my home city of Olympia (also considered home of the Riot Grrrl movement).

Be sure to stop by her table, pick up a few polishes and give her a squeeze for me.


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Moore Swatches: Leesha’s Lacquer – July OOAK of the Month


Hey Suga! Happy Friday! You know I searched all throughout the Queendom looking for today’s featured maker/brand and could only find her mentioned in posts about Polish Pickup (PPU). Never has this brand been featured in her own right and it’s about time we change that.

Today I have the July OOAK of the Month polish from Leesha’s Lacquer. But we can’t jump into polish without being properly introduced.

Alicia, owner, creator, maker of Leesha’s Lacquer began Aug. 1st 2013 in Minneapolis, MN. According to the shop’s ‘About Me’ page,

“I had always been very fond of nail polish, whether it was creating cool designs on my nails or wearing the hottest new hues.”
“When I realized my passion for polish was evolving and expanding, I got knee deep into the indie nail polish scene. It all began with frankening polishes, really. I loved how I could mix two different polishes together to make a brand new color.”
“As I experimented more, I found an indie polish kit on etsy and figured, hey, why not!”
“After months of buying pigments and glitters and experimenting with levels and volumes and how to add just the right pinch of this and that, I decided it was time for Leesha’s Lacquer to be born.”

And almost 5 years later, Leesha’s Lacquer is doing something new and exciting this year, a series called ‘OOAK of the Month’. Every month a single polish will be made in one special 16oz batch for a limited time. Once it’s gone, it will NOT be remade!! And as if that wasn’t enticing enough, this polish has an additional added bonus, or should I say scent, of gummy bears! So now you can gaze AND sniff all day.

Before we check this beauty out, let me also remind you, use code ILOVEPPU for 20% off this polish and others in the shop! I would say shop responsibly, but who are we kidding, #buyallthepolish 


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Moore Swatches: Sassy Cats Lacquer – July Talk Indie To Me Box


Hey Sugas! Happy Friday Eve!!! Let’s try a little relaxation technique – I do this all the time at my nail desk when my manicure and/or nail art isn’t coming out the way I had pictured. Ready?! Let’s go!

Close your eyes and imagine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear ocean waters. Now, picture luxurious private-islands, all-inclusive resorts, top spas, culinary greatness and outdoor adventures. Can ya see it?! Did you get a peaceful, calm, serene, heaven on earth view?

Located in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with more than 300 tropical islands and is known for great food, beautiful, picturesque scenery, water (lol) and sunsets. Now hold on to that because I’m taking you somewhere.

The Talk Indie to Me Box (TITM) is a monthly collaboration featuring co-creators, Tia from Nailed It Nail Polish and Sabrina from Zombie Claw. Each month special guest(s) brands/makers are included to bring you a well-rounded assortment of products created based on the chosen theme. This months box is appropriately themed for the season we’re in, Summer Daze and includes the following brands: Wildflower Lacquer, Sassy Pants Polish, Geekish Glitter Lacquer, KK’s Magical Creations, Mace Polish, Handmade Natural Beauty, Lucky 13 Lacquer and of course…. Sassy Cats Lacquer.

Mohrayma of Sassy Cats Lacquer, used the inspiration of a Fiji sunset to create her contribution for the July 2018 TITM Box.


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Moore Swatches: July 2018 HHC – Great Lakes Lacquer

Before we get into today’s featured Hella Handmade Creation (HHC) from Great Lakes Lacquer, I must tell you about my experience with my phone….. also the reason this post is up a little later than usual.
When it rains it pours and to most, my troubling experience may not seem like an issue but to me it was pure hell.
I use my iPhone for 100% of my picture taking and 99.92% for blogging, the other .08% I use our faulty laptop. So imagine my frustration last night as I was attempting to crop and watermark my pictures when my phone freezes and goes to the black screen of death. Immediately I go into a state of panic because if course, I haven’t backed up my phone, let alone my pictures since goodness knows when. 5000+ plus pictures lost. Time lost in the blind of an eye. Luckily, after a sleepless night, a calming call from hubby and working with an Apple tech guy my phone is back up and running and nothing was lost. YAY!!!
I didn’t until this situation, realize that my dependency on my phone has reached an all-time high. Moral of the story, backup your phone…lol!
On to the polish…
As I previously stated, today I have Wicked, Tricksy, False, the July HHC contribution from Great Lakes Lacquer. Mariah continues to draw inspiration from her selected theme, Lord of the Rings, to bring us astounding polishes month after month.
 For a complete overview of all the polishes being offered, be sure to join the Hella Handmade Creations Facebook Fan Group (link below).

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Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – Labyrinth – You Have No Power Over Me Collection


Hey Sugas!!! Labyrinth is the 1986 movie about a 16-year-old girl, Sarah, played by Jennifer Connelly, who is forced by her father and her stepmother to babysit her baby brother Toby. Toby won’t stop crying and Sarah wishes that her brother be taken by the Goblin King. Out of the blue, Toby stops crying and when Sarah looks for him in the cradle, she learns that her wish was granted and the Goblin King Jareth, played by David Bowie, has taken him to his castle in the Goblin City in the middle of a labyrinth. Sarah asks Jareth to give Toby back; but the Goblin King tells her that she has to rescue her brother before midnight, otherwise Toby will be turned into a goblin.

Given only 13 hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother, will she rescue Toby in time?

Today I have the 6 piece collection, You Have No Power Over Me from LynB Designs.

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Moore Swatches: Sweet Treat Duo


Sweet Treats? Yes, please!

Now you’re talking my language! ‘Sweet’ is my middle name! Chocolate, skittles, gummy bears, cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, brownies, cobblers – basically anything with sugar is a friend of mine….lol!

Tia of Nailed It Nail Polish and Carrie of Sassy Sauce Polish collaborated over their love of all things sweet to bring us their Sweet Treats Duo. And here’s a fun fact about Carrie and Tia that you may not know, Carrie’s favorite sweet is Reese’s and Tia loves ice cream. Now I’m not much of a peanut butter fan, Jason is, but I definitely won’t turn down a handful every now and again! As for ice cream, I haven’t found a flavor that I could say ‘no’ to.

Today I have the Sweet Treat Duo to share with you and in addition to a polish, each maker created at sweet, sugary inspired fun extra.

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Moore Swatches: July Fandom Flakies Box – Jurassic Park


Brace yourself Suga, the July Fandom Flakies Box has gone Jurassic…. Park that is! This year marks the 25th anniversary of the original movie and the newest movie in the series, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which released June 22. To celebrate the occasion, Sarah of Bee’s Knees and Lindsay of Night Owl Lacquer, co-creators of the Fandom Flakies Box, invited more makers aboard to contribute limited edition items for a total of 6 dinosaur themed items.

Coming soon to a mani near you is 3 polishes, cuticle oil and water decals & vinyls from some of the brands you know and love. This box is complete with everything you’ll need to create a DINO-RIFIC, Jurassical themed mani! I’m sure those are not words found in the dictionary, but they are fun – so just go with it!


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The Queen’s Critique: Ginger Fizz Boutique – Mermaid’s Grotto


Hey Sugas! I trust you all had a fun and safe 4th or July. As you know I am still living the high that was my family vacation last week. This week I have myself many times siting at my desk daydreaming, about salt water, ocean breeze and sandy toes.

The weather was so perfect and playing in the water was so much fun. But the best memories were those of building sandcastles with the little ones or boogie boarding with my 11 year old or watching Jason, my cousin James and Xavier play Frisbee on the beach. Those are the happiest moments of the vacation that you just can’t put into words. But maybe you could put into scent?

As I sit at my desk today, warming Island Girl from the Mermaid Gotto Collection from Ginger Fizz Boutique, I am taken back to the time when we sat like mermaids on the beach and each gave our self mermaid names. We laughed like there was no tomorrow.

And when I warmed Pirates and Pearls, me and Jason’s favorite, it reminds me of how he smelled getting out of the shower mixed with ocean water.

Whatever the scent I am warming, it immediately takes back to the beach. And whether or not you are, or have been to the beach, the Mermaid Gotto Collection is a must for this summer season. Open up the windows, play your favorite song and warm something awesome!


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Moore Swatches: Zaftig Lacquer – Blonde Ambition Trio


Hey Sugas! Yesterday was my first day back to work after my vacation and truth be told, it wasn’t that bad. I came back to a relatively quite case load and only 159 unread emails. That’s like a world record. So kudos are in order to my fellow team mates that covered me while I was soaking up sand and sun.

Let’s talk polish….

Last month I featured a new brand in the indie community, Zaftig. If you didn’t get a change to check out the 3 launching trios, be sure to do so here. Today I have the newest trio to the lineup, Blonde Ambition. This trio was inspired by the 2001 movie Legally Blonde featuring Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods,  


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