The Queens Critique: It Girl Nail Art – The Indie Shop (TIS) Seattle


Hey Sugas!!! Who all is going to The Indie Shop (TIS)-Seattle??? One.. two…. keep those hands raised high so I can see you, three.. four….

Wow, quiet a few of you! Great!!!! Who’s excited to #buyallthepolish??? LOL!!!

Now the bigger question is…where are all of my nail art, nail stamping ladies and gents at??? Those are the peeps I need to be talking to today!!! Did you know that It Girl Nail Art (IGNA) will be vending at TIS-Seattle???? Yep, your one stop shop will be there in all of her stamping glory ready to elevate your stamping game to the next level with new plates, new stamping polishes are other great products to give you the salon quality manicure in the comfort of your own home.

IGNA is owned and operated by Nicole Bivins out of Washington and to find out more about her, check out my Up Close and Personal Interview along with a few reviews of other plates and products, here, here and here!

Today I have the deets on what is launching at TIS-Seattle coming up Sunday, July 22nd.

First up is IG123, a full-size plate with textures and IG124, a full-size plate with optical illusion patterns.

I know, gorgeous right?! Do  you have grabby hands yet? Keeping reading to find out what else you can expect!


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Top Coat by Glisten & Glow (shiny). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

IG310 – IG313

Mini-size retail line plates with various motifs


New Stamping Polishes

Cremes in darker jewel-tone type colors


The mini plate may be small in size but they pack a power punch! If you are tight on space in your nail area, these are great plates because the fit in the palm of you hand. The plates are etched a little more shallow but still deep enough to pick up the intricate and detailed lines. I had no issues at all with pick up using soft, squishy stamper

The stamping polish is AMAZING!!!! Very pigmented and shows up great over white and black. No odor and I didn’t notice any staining on the skin during clean up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Clean-up Brush


I LOVE this brush!!! Prior to using this brush, I was using a drugstore brand concealer brush for clean-up. Now, I’m not saying its not good, but this great!!! The slinder angled bristles allow for a closer cleanup without fear of destroying your polish and/or nail art. If you struggle with getting clean cuticles and nail walls, this is the brush you need!!! The bristles are firm which is great for cleanup of stubborn glitters but its also gentle for those less fussy finishes like crèmes. IT’s A MUST!!!!

Cuticle Balm


Previously I had enjoyed the IGNA cuticle oil so the balm is a no brainer. Just like the oil, the balm is refreshing, nourishing and hydrating and most importantly leaves a great shine without being greasy. Perfect for this long swatch days!!!

Available fragrances: Sweet Olive Blossom (seriously, it sounds weird, but this fragrance is amazing), Passionfruit, Lemon Sweet Tea, Cherry Almond, and Unscented. Side note, my personal favorite is Lemon Sweet Tea

Nail Polish (NOT PICTURED)

We can’t forget the polish!!! While IGNA is not likely to release collections, several colors have been made and tested, these will also launch at The Indie Shop Seattle.

Last up…

Handmade silicone stampers!!! Because what’s stamping without…. THE STAMPER!!!IGNA has developed stampers in THREE firmness levels with an ergonomic handle. They will also (probably) launch at The Indie Shop, so be sure to stop by and pick one up!!!

Overall Thoughts

Availability:  Officially launching at The Indie Shop Seattle, Sunday, July 22nd and will be available online by July 24th (depending on TIS aftermath!).

Overall: If that wasn’t enought to get your stamping mojo reved up, then I don’t know what is. It’s time to step your stamping game all the way up!!!! If you are a beginner stamper, IGNA has EVERYTHING you need, as you can clearly see and if you’re a veteran stamper, then it’s time to expand your horizons and add a new brand to your already huge arsenal!!!

It Girl Nail Art

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