Be Challenged: The King’s Choice with King of Nails 82

Hey Sugas!!! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you know my fabulous husband, the Kings of Nails 82, Jason. Every now and then you can catch him hanging shelves in my nail office, driving to PC or being obnoxious, I mean funny, during my live videos but through it all, he’s a great sport. and I love me some him! 

And yes, I’m beefing up all the adjectives and sappy love stuff in this post to make him sound like the amazing gem he really is….and also just in case he reads this, he’s may fell inclined to let me buy more polish…lol.

Kidding… kinda!

But regardless, Jason is my better half, the one that keeps me sane and grounded and the one that has been my cheerleader throughout my nail journey. Over the years and through the countless bottles of nail polish, Jason has made comment to some of them that he really likes.

So I decided to put him to the test. I challenged him to chose 10 of his favorites. He’s reaction was priceless.

“How am I supposed to chose only 10 out of the thousands of pictures you’ve posted?” he asks.

My response, “I don’t know, just make it happen. I don’t have  post on my blog for Wednesday and I need something.”

After the sucking of the teeth and rolling of the eyes, all I heard was “oh” and ” like this one”.

Without further adieu, here are the King’s Choices!


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