Moore Swatches: Leesha’s Lacquer – July OOAK of the Month


Hey Suga! Happy Friday! You know I searched all throughout the Queendom looking for today’s featured maker/brand and could only find her mentioned in posts about Polish Pickup (PPU). Never has this brand been featured in her own right and it’s about time we change that.

Today I have the July OOAK of the Month polish from Leesha’s Lacquer. But we can’t jump into polish without being properly introduced.

Alicia, owner, creator, maker of Leesha’s Lacquer began Aug. 1st 2013 in Minneapolis, MN. According to the shop’s ‘About Me’ page,

“I had always been very fond of nail polish, whether it was creating cool designs on my nails or wearing the hottest new hues.”
“When I realized my passion for polish was evolving and expanding, I got knee deep into the indie nail polish scene. It all began with frankening polishes, really. I loved how I could mix two different polishes together to make a brand new color.”
“As I experimented more, I found an indie polish kit on etsy and figured, hey, why not!”
“After months of buying pigments and glitters and experimenting with levels and volumes and how to add just the right pinch of this and that, I decided it was time for Leesha’s Lacquer to be born.”

And almost 5 years later, Leesha’s Lacquer is doing something new and exciting this year, a series called ‘OOAK of the Month’. Every month a single polish will be made in one special 16oz batch for a limited time. Once it’s gone, it will NOT be remade!! And as if that wasn’t enticing enough, this polish has an additional added bonus, or should I say scent, of gummy bears! So now you can gaze AND sniff all day.

Before we check this beauty out, let me also remind you, use code ILOVEPPU for 20% off this polish and others in the shop! I would say shop responsibly, but who are we kidding, #buyallthepolish 


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