Moore Swatches: July 2018 HHC – Great Lakes Lacquer

Before we get into today’s featured Hella Handmade Creation (HHC) from Great Lakes Lacquer, I must tell you about my experience with my phone….. also the reason this post is up a little later than usual.
When it rains it pours and to most, my troubling experience may not seem like an issue but to me it was pure hell.
I use my iPhone for 100% of my picture taking and 99.92% for blogging, the other .08% I use our faulty laptop. So imagine my frustration last night as I was attempting to crop and watermark my pictures when my phone freezes and goes to the black screen of death. Immediately I go into a state of panic because if course, I haven’t backed up my phone, let alone my pictures since goodness knows when. 5000+ plus pictures lost. Time lost in the blind of an eye. Luckily, after a sleepless night, a calming call from hubby and working with an Apple tech guy my phone is back up and running and nothing was lost. YAY!!!
I didn’t until this situation, realize that my dependency on my phone has reached an all-time high. Moral of the story, backup your phone…lol!
On to the polish…
As I previously stated, today I have Wicked, Tricksy, False, the July HHC contribution from Great Lakes Lacquer. Mariah continues to draw inspiration from her selected theme, Lord of the Rings, to bring us astounding polishes month after month.
 For a complete overview of all the polishes being offered, be sure to join the Hella Handmade Creations Facebook Fan Group (link below).

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