Moore Swatches: Tonic Nail Polish – July 2018 Release and Retro Rewind Facebook Group Custom


Hey Sugas! Just when you thought is was safe to put away your credit card and shut down your Paypal account, Lindsey from Tonic has gone and done it again with a new release, a group custom AND much more!!!! 

New to the Tonic line up is EMPRESS, “Pepper’s Naughty Royal Sister”, Sapphire, 2 new undies that can be used with Pepper and Empress and the Retro Rewind Lounge Facebook Group June 2018 group custom, Capture Time.

*deep exhale

That was a mouth full.

Please note, that you must be a member of Retro Rewind Lounge Facebook Group to order Capture Time. And while Empress is being released ahead of schedule, she will be returning in August with more new colors.

Also, look out for the inaugural Polish Palette collab with Rogue Lacquer!! This is a preorder collection that includes all 4 colors: Antarctic, Gobi, Saharan, and Sonoran! Unfortunately, Rogue was delivered while I am on vacation so, I’ll have a full post on Monday, July 2nd.


Colors that will be available in the Tonic shop at all times unless discontinued!! Joining the  current basics are a few new additions to help with layering and nail art!

  • Tonic Topper $7
  • Detox $10
  • Jinkx $11
  • Sapphire $9 *NEW* – A deep sapphire blue shimmer with a lovely glow! Fully opaque in 1 coat. 
  • Pepper Undies $9 *NEW* – A grey(ish) cream to match previously released Unicorn Pee polish, Pepper.
  • Empress Undies $9 *NEW* – A purple cream to match new Unicorn Pee polish, Empress.
(Undies – can be used as a base for Unicorn Pee toppers or used on its own in 2 coats for full opacity!)


Previously released Tonic colors back for a short time! The following colors are pre-made and ready for release! Because it’s such a massive list of colors, each of them have limited quantities!! ***THIS IS NOT A PREORDER***

  • Enchanted Elixir $12
  • Dragons at Dusk $12
  • Light of Lyra $10
  • Rainbowfish $12
  • Tides of Perseid $12
  • Lula $10
  • Polish Con or Bust! $12
  • Windy City $12
  • Light of Alexandria *OOPS!* $10
  • Silent Storm $12
  • Alchemy $12
  • Slitherin’ $12
  • Dragon Tears $12
  • Incandescent $12
  • Stars at Twilight $12
  • Come Wander $13
  • The Places You’ll Go $12
  • Peacock Parade $14
  • Spectre $13
  • Ambrosia $13
  • Angelfish $12
  • Love Yourself First $12
  • Superstar $13
  • Becoming (magnetic) $13
  • Uba Tuba $15
  • Dulcinea $12
  • Fecundity 10 $10
  • Lagniappe $12
  • Novitiate $12
  • Verklempt $12
  • I Dig Your Vibe! $12
  • You’ll Move Mountains $10
  • Marilyn $10
  • Extra-ORD-inary $13
  • I Glitterally DGAF $12
  • Lemons & Cream $10
  • Helpless (magnetic) $12
  • Titanium Orchid $12Enjoy!
**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex peel off base coat) by Vapid, Top Coat (glossy, QDTC) from Glisten & Glow and Matte Top Sauce by Sassy Sauce Polish. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Empress – $14 $15

Available Beginning July 1st – 1 per person

 A purple crelly with a strong red-gold-green shifting shimmer (known as the original Unicorn Pee pigment). Very sheer on the first coat but builds nicely with 2-3 coats

Capture Time – $13

Available Only June 24th – July 1st

A pale metallic pink-peach-gold-green shifting multichrome

Overall Thoughts – Tonic Nail Polish – July 2018 Release

Overall: I just want to point out again, that there is only a one day overlap to purchase Capture Time and Empress. Don’t miss this window. Formula / Application: everything applied marvelously and without issue.

Opacity: swatch shown in 3 coats.

Price: Listed above.

Availability: Capture Time – Sunday, June 24 thru Sunday, July 1st and everything else, Sunday, July 1st at 2:00pm cst

 Tonic Nail Polish

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