Moore News You Can Use: Polish Con NY 2018 Recap

My day started at 5 am! But it wasn’t just one of those awful, wake up and go to work mornings when I would normally moan and groan all the way to my desk. It was POLISH CON DAY!!! I literally jumped out of the bed, ran to the shower and was ready to walk out of the door in 25 mins….that’s a personal best for me. I was like a kid on Christmas morning!

I could smell the polish in the air. I had been looking forward to since the NY location was announced in January. It was the day when I was to unite with my fellow polish sisters and enjoy the creations of the indie polish makers. Nothing could go wrong that day!

Although I wasn’t looking forward to the 4.5 hour drive, my friend Yvette of Yvyvernis made it all better as we were able to chat about polish.  Jason is a good sport and all, but I swear sometimes he tunes me out.

White Plains bound and ready to get the show on the road!!

As we entered the main ballroom of the Crowne Plaza were Polish Con was being held, it was like entering… paradise. A smile came over me that I swear could be seen in outer space. I squealed like a 13 year old girl being asked to the school dance.

Pictured L-R: Miranda of Ever After Polish, Mariah of Great Lakes Lacquer and myself 


Jason and I put our stuff down and received our marching orders from Mariah whose table we were helping at and then we had some time to tour the room and do a little shpping… while it was still quite. Some of the vendors were already hard at work and others were done!

Not too long after, there was a vendor meeting led by Miranda

Shhhhhhh……. TOP SECRET!!!

Allow me to present your

Polish Con NY 2018 Makers



I must warn you now, this post is picture heavy but loads of fun! As if you couldn’t already tell….


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