Moore Swatches: Great Lake Lacquer – Polish Con LE Trio and The Water Colors Collection


Hello, hello 👋🏾! I know it’s late but please bare with me. Before I leave for Polish Con on Saturday, I had to tend to my mom duties and well…. it took a little longer than expected🤦🏾‍♀️. Now it’s after 10pm est and waaaaayyy past my bed time for any grammatical errors are not my fault and I’ll go through tomorrow and make it look nice and neat . Until then, I’m able to relax, eat popcorn 🍿 and watch America’s Got Talent 📺. As I’m watching it, I’m thinking to myself, yeah, they that’s cool you can do magic and yes your dance crew is really good and wow, you can sing 🎤 very well but indie polish makers are the talented ones.

Tonight, I have the LE Trio and Water Colors Collection from one the talented, Mariah of Great Lakes Lacquer. The LE Trio is an homage to NY, where PC is taking place and the 5 piece Water Colors Collection is filled with summer fun that plays off things that can change the color of water. It’s also inspired somewhat by the colored logo and made to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Great Lakes Lacquer.


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex peel off base coat) by Vapid, Top Coat (glossy QDTC) by Glisten & Glow and  Matte Top Coat (matte topcoat) by Sassy Sauce Polish. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Polish Con LE Trio

Another Bite

Another red for another trip to NY.  Slight burgundy base that is pushed over to a brick red by the copious amounts of aurora shimmer that shifts from red to gold to green. This is finished with iridescent flake that shifts the same and a bit of scattered holographic pigment.

Soho Shopping

A deep grape purple filled with two kinds of shifting pigment; multichrome and aurora.  Sparkly, glowing shifts of blue, red, and fuchsia complete this polish.

Central Park Shenanigans

Always the shenanigans.  Always.  A deep teal filled with aurora shimmer shifting through purple, golden bronze, and green and finished with holographic micro flake.

Water Colors Collection

Bottom Shoals

A bright aqua crelly filled with glimmering, shifting shimmer and flake that runs through copper red to gold to green and a bit of scattered holographic pigment.

Fading Day

Bright, pink leaning purple featuring copious amounts of the same shifting shimmer in Bottom Shoals with a bit of scattered holographic as well.


Blue leaning periwinkle set alight with blue to lavender shifting shimmer, electric blue micro flake and glowing with aqua to green to purple shifting iridescent flake, finished with a touch of scattered holographic.

Shell Reflection

An orange based filled with glowing shimmer shifting through blue to pink to purple, highlighted with shifting flake that hits on pink, purple and gold, finished with a slight scattered holographic.

Sun Dappled

A sunlit, buttery yellow crelly filled with coppery red shifting shimmer, flake that mirrors the same shift and finished with a slight scattered holographic.

Overall Thoughts – Great Lake Lacquer – Polish Con LE Trio and The Water Colors Collection

Formula / Application:  All polishes have a great consistency and self level. No flooding of cuticles, no dragging and no odor. no issues to report.

Opacity: all swatches are shown in 2 coats


Trio: These will be at PC, available as a set for $30, including tax.  Individually, they’ll be $11.  Online they will be $12/each or $33/set

Collection – They will debut at Con for $58, including tax or for $12/each.  Online the set will be $60 and $12.50/individually.

Availability: Debuting at Polish Con (PC) Saturday, June 16th and online on July 1st

Great Lakes Lacquer

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