Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – May 2018 Release


Not to long ago I was asked ‘why indie polish? It’s so expensive and you have to pay for shipping.’

My simple response was… #indiesdoitbetter!

But that was not the whole reason or the entire truth. So I thought about it and wanted to use my blog to explain my answer to this question.

The fact of the matter is, indie polish makers are those women AND men that make nail polish out of hobby/personal interest and to help support their families. They are not polishes thought up my some focus group and mixed in a big factory. Everything from mixing to bottling and shipping is done most times in their home. I love supporting small business and to know that my purchase is helping to make a difference. The makers actually have a passion for the industry and it shows in the polish. They use the best ingredients and most mix by hand in small batches to ensure a quality polish, not quantity. The $8-$13 for a bottle is more than just polish, it’s the relationship I have with the maker. I love the little smiley face on my invoice or when they are on social media they know me simply from an order I placed. It’s the uniqueness of the polish that I am not likely to find in a bottle of the big box guys. You tell me where else can I get a multichrome, magnetic polish or a thermal flakie with shimmer. I’ll wait.

So I say all that to say, if you have not tried indie polish, do yourself a favor and be like Nike… #justdoit! You’ll thank me later! And if you don’t know what to get, let me entice your nails with the 5 new polishes from Sassy Sauce Polish. Carrie, owner and maker, is releasing new polishes this Friday. And wouldn’t you know it, there are 3 thermals, 1 magnetic and a duochrome!


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