The Queen’s Critique: Peel Off Base Coat Comparison

What do apples, oranges and bananas all have in common? Right, they’re all fruits. Easy right?!

So what does Cuticula, IMK Nails and Vapid all have in common?


Ok, I gave you long enough. For those that said peel-off base coat, you are the lucky winner!!! If you didn’t get it right, that’s ok, you still loved.

Cuticula, IMK Nails and Vapid all offer their own version of a peel-off base to aid with removal of stubborn finishes like glitters and quick changes during a swatch fest and today I have all 3 to compare. Now that’s not to say I don’t love all of them, because I do, they all offer something different and special.


Cuticula – On To The Next (OTTN)

$8.25 * 15 ml

Goes on pink, dries clear * scent options available

IMK Nails – PeelEze

$5.25 * 10ml

Clear and odorless * water-based

Vapid – Commitment Issues

$5.00 * 15ml

Goes on white, dries clear * budget-friendly


I tested the longevity if each peel off starting Monday 5/21 at 3pm est


I used each peel-off with 2 coats of PAANNKK from All Mixed Up Lacquers Neon Addicts Anonymous Collection which I reviewed previously. On my Cindy hand, I used OTTN on my index finger, PeelEze on the middle finger and Commitment Issues on the ring finger.

I tried to record the time elapse during the drying process but they were just too fast. As you can see, OTTN is the clear winner with Commitment Issue close behind and finally PeelEze.

I went on about my normal routine for the evening, typing, washing, showering and oiling. Oiling? Oiling my cuticles that is. By the next morning, Tuesday 5/22, Cuticula was laying on my pillow beside me and by dinner Commitment Issues was no longer an issue. On Thursday 5/17 morning, after my shower, PeelEze had taken all it could take. So not 3 full days but very close.

Overall, I love Commitment Issues and I use it religiously for all my swatches, it’s readily available and affordable. I would definitely recommend for swatching.

Cuticula comes in second for me as a peel off base coat for swatching. I love that you can get it in fun, nose-friendly scents and it dries almost instantly but at $8+ a bottle, I can’t purchase as often as I’d like to.

PeelEze is my go to for a long lasting peel off base coat. It’s what I would wear under a weekend mani.

As with all peel-offs, be sure to use on oil free, clean nails and allow to dry completely before applying your polish or gel.

If you’re interested in any of these products, be sure to check the maker site for availability.


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4 thoughts on “The Queen’s Critique: Peel Off Base Coat Comparison

  1. I’ve tried sooo many peels offs. They just don’t keep my polish on throughout the day. Most pop off with an hour or two. So then I’d do another mani after they pop off. I always prep my nails to make sure they don’t have any oils on them. Very frustrating. The others that would at least last till the evening would pop off as soon as I would wash my hands. I’ll try again with the one you say lasted you the longest.

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  2. When I think “readily available”, I tend to think store bought, not mail order/online. I have wanted to try Vapids, but seems pricey. I have tried U.N.T, as well as Sally Hansen’s “Big Peel Off” and the one by Finger Paints. For quick change Manis (polish/take pictures/repeat…) I really like Pueens liquid latex! Not meant for this, but this is readily available (Walmart), cheap, dries fast, and really works! Currently using Peel-Eze, because I need the mani to last through the evening!

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    1. I love that PeelEze lasts overnight and in my last few tests, 2 nights! I rarely shop for nail care products in store anymore so readily available online is big for me…lol. UNT never worked for my body chemistry 😦 but I’m glad to know that Sally Hansen works incase I am in a pinch between deliveries.

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