Moore Swatches: All Mixed Up Lacquers – Neons, Neons, Everywhere!


All week here in Maryland we have experiencing rain. But not just your run of the mill rain, I’m talkin’ unrelenting, down pours. In the downtown area of Frederick there has been flash floods and road closures due to sink holes. Many homes are with out power and have damage to their homes. I’m hoping after all the rain we will get some neon… I mean sunshine.

Whoever said all neons were created the same obviously has not seen the 2 neon collections from All Mixed Up Lacquers. LJ Stanford, owner and creator, is re-releasing Neon Addicts Anonymous (NAA) AND a new neon collection, Hot Southern Mess On Friday, May 18th! Get your sunglasses boys and girls, this is gonna be a bright one!Enjoy… 

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue (liquid latex peel off base coat) by Vapid, Top Coat by (glossy, QTDC) from Glisten & Glow and Matte Topcoat from Sassy Sauce Polish. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Neon Addicts Anonymous


A bright neon pink creme



A bright neon orange creme


Ermehgerd Yellered

A bright neon highlighter yellow creme


Camera Freak Out

A bright neon green creme


It’s !@#$%& Blue

A bright neon blue creme


Grape Squisher

A bright neon purple creme


What’s Red Doing Here

A bright neon coral-orange leaning creme


Hot Southern Mess

Well, Butter My Butt

A bright neon tangerine creme

Paint My Truck Pink

A bright neon coral/pink leaning creme


A bright neon electric pink crème

(More purple leaning compared to PAANNKK!)

Bless Your Pea Pickin’ Heart

A bright neon yellow/green creme

Fine As Frog’s  Hair

A neon green crème

(‘Darkest’ of the green shade)

It’s Blowin’ Up A Storm

A neon purple crème

(More blue leaning than Grape Squisher)


Overall Thoughts – All Mixed Up Lacquers

Overall: the camera and computer are not playing very nicely with these polishes. They do them no justice in showcasing their brightness.

With the NAA Collection, I decided to do something a little different and instead of my regular swatches, I decided to do live swatches. Now, that said, please be understanding the live swatching and editing is not my forte…lol.

As for the Hot Southern Mess Collection, I nixed the nail art and decided to test these babies with watermerbling. I totally give them an A+.

AND… might I add, all swatches are done WITHOUT white undies. While there is some slight VNL, these polishes, overall, are very opaque.

Formula / Application: no issues to report. 

The Queen’s Choice: come one, seriously?! Do you have to ask? neon + crèmes = no brainer… ALL OF THEM!

Opacity: 2-3 thin coats

Price: Neon Addicts Anonymous – $6/each or $38/set. Hot Southern Mess – $7/each or $40/set.

Availability: Friday, May 18th at 2pm est

All Mixed Up Lacquers

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