Moore Swatches: Lacquer Collab – Glitter & Glam


It’s all glitter and glam until someone or something gets hurt and the only THING getting hurt around here is the bank accounts.

Dominque of Color Infinity (formerly known as Tux Polish) is the originator of the Lacquer Collab Box which will feature up to 12 indie makers every month. Each maker will create a polish based on a theme selected collectively by the makers. Shoppers can purchase as many, or as few, colors from the box as they wish and the debut box will launch Friday, May 18, at 1:00pm est! Preorder will end at 11:59pm est on Tuesday, May 22nd and this months’ theme is ‘Glitter & Glam’

Today I have 3 of the polishes that will be available and let me be the first to say… glitter and glam never looked so good!


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