The Queen’s Critique: IMK Nails – PeelEze Peelable Base Coat

Ok – what the heck is PeelEze? I’m so glad you asked because I am here to spill the tea!PeelEze is a water-based, cruelty-free, odor-free, colorless peel off base coat to be applied to your nails before applying regular or gel nail polish.  

But let’s take a step back! In late November 2017, Karin of IMK Nails, started mixing her own concoction of peel off base coat out for personal need. “I started thinking that I just did not want to buy another bottle because it was pricey and it can take awhile to be received and sometimes availability was questionable,” says, Karin.

As a self proclaimed ‘DIY dabbler’, Karin started thinking about what is in that product that makes it different from the other base coats that I had been using. She went to work and finally her formula performed quite well, as intended and over time she noticed some improved nail health as well.

So of course you know I had try it for myself – right?! When you change your polish as often as I do, aka daily,  it means one thing, the use of LOTS of acetone and additives. ….plus Karin was running a special and it only seemed logical…lol! The following is my personal experience of  PeelEze!    


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