Moore Swatches: Cirque Colors – Metropolis SS2018 Collection


Hey Sugas! Today has been just one of those days when you feel like you’re on top of the world. I got a lot accomplished at work and even worked ahead to give myself a good head start tomorrow. The weather is great, the hubby and the kids are all well, life is good! And did I mention that my week long stay-cation is just around the corner? Every year, during the week of my birthday I give myself a week off. Off from work, making dinner, laundry, etc. This is my time to do what I want…and not feel bad about it. It’s just what I need to feel like ME again. No worries, you’ll still find me posting and blogging!

But before my brain goes on vacation mode, allow me to present today’s featured collection. Metropolis SS2018, from Cirque Colors is giving me all kinds of life right now! This 6 piece set of crèmes, is absolutely A-MAZ-ING!! The colors are rich and the formula is top-notch.


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