The Queen’s Critique: Southern Comforts

I was first “introduced” to Tamara, owner of Southern Comforts on IG back in January 2018. Over the course of a few months, we developed an acquaintance as I followed her brand and she commented on a few swatch pictures.

During the course of this time, I invited her to be a guest on my Up Close & Personal 2.0 Live Facebook Q&A, which you can find here! As Tamara continued to talk about her brand, she sold me by the end of the hour. I sent her my list and customized a few scents and a week later, my order had arrived. I was so excited!

The following morning, a Saturday, I decided to pamper myself with my Southern Comforts, seeing as though I didn’t have anywhere to go until later that morning. I hopped in the shower using the Shower Gel/Body Wash and finished up with the remaining items.

Keep reading to find out about my experience with Southern Comforts


 Shower Gel/Body Wash

A thinner consistency than I’m used to getting off the shelves, but I was pleasantly surprised at what a great lather it produces. I’m down to just enough for one last shower, a little really does go along way! The scent is pleasant and not over powering, just what you need in a hot shower!


Cleansing Face Mask and Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub

(Note from maker regarding Cleansing Face Mask – charcoal with stain cloth and recommended use 1x/week)

I for one, have very sensitive skin and am very prone to breakouts. Heck, I sneeze too hard and I get a pimple. After my shower, I used the Cleansing Face Mask followed by the Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub.

I love how gentle the face mask is and how easy it is to apply and remove. I’ve removed both the mask and scrub simply by rinsing my face with warm water.

While my face is not 100% clear, since using, I have notice fewer breakouts and the oily/dry balance is much better.

Sugar Lip Scrub

My youngest and I get dry, cracking, peeling lips, especially in the winter when the air is drier. This sugar lip scrub is as sweet as it is soothing and we both have seen a noticeable difference. Only problem is…we want to eat it…lol! Kissable lips in seconds! #myhubbyapproves


 Body Lotion

From what I can remember, the body lotion is creamy, moisturizing and non-greasy. My 11 year old snatched it from me after the first use and I actually had to find a small container to put some in for my 6 year old. They both love how good it smells!


Muscle Buster

Life changer!!! I have been battling upper right shoulder and neck pain for months. I thought I was because I slept wrong but when it didn’t start feeling better on it’s own after a few day, I started considering that maybe I pulled something. Nevertheless, I tried all kids of OTC products and brands only to be relieved of pain for a few hours. Once I received Muscle Buster, I was ache-free for a few 24 hours without reapplying.

I was leery at first about applying Muscle Buster under my clothes, but I didn’t have any issues with staining and did I mention that I love the convenient applicator it comes in? allows you to apply exactly what you need, where you need it!

“Her muscle buster balm is a saving grace for me with my headaches/sever migraines I get. I have 3 sticks” ~Anonymous

“You’re going to love the muscle buster!” ~ Tiffany aka @stunnin.nails

“That muscle buster is a legit God send in my house.” ~Anonymous


Overall Thoughts – Southern Comforts

About: Southern Comforts offers a wide variety of bath & body, nail care and home fragrance products. From bath bombs to lotions and lip balms to wax melts, this small, quaint, hand-made indie brand out of Arkansas is definitely changing the game. After trying this brand you may be saying good-bye to the days of big box bath and body products.

Availability: Current

Price: $1.85-$12

Overall: I love that the labels tell me EXACTLY what I am using on my body…AND I CAN READ THEM! The scents are gentle and delicately lingering. Will I be placing another order? ABSOLUTELY! Quick TAT and shipping and great customer service with a down home feel.

Southern Comfortz

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