Moore Swatches: Pahlish – Ponyville Collection and Desert Bloom Duo


I’m not gonna lie, today’s featured collection from Pahlish had me feeling…very… seasoned…lol! When I realized that I had no idea about the new My Little Ponies I had to call in reinforcements, my daughters. They kindly explained to me that the “new” ponies are an upgraded version of what I used to watch in the “old’n days”… seriously, who are they calling old?!

Nevertheless, this 6 piece collection of flakie crellies and holo flakies /multichrome shimmer did bring a since of nostalgia as I remembered watching the cartoon on TV and collecting the ponies. The Ponyville Collection is an amazing representation of the cartoon classic that is a hit no matter the generation.

As for the Desert Bloom Duo, these polishes display the truly beauty that lives in what is most times considered a desolate place.Enjoy…

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