Moore Swatches: Tonic Nail Polish – April 2018 Release


Well hello, Suga! I’m so happy you’re back! Today I have a little story to tell about about a brand and maker.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away in…. Iowa, there lived a lady by the name of Lindsay Luck. Lindsay was a wife, mother, daughter, sister and loved by many.

Lindsay always had a great love of nail polish and a desire to do something where she could be creative. One day Mrs. Luck had a brilliant idea…

Become a mastermind indie polish maker and thus, Tonic Nail Polish was created.

From her initial launch in 2016 Tonic was a hit and huge success but Lindsay would not rest until she had total nail polish domination *insert evil laugh here*.


Here we are today ladies and gents, coming up on 2 years and Mrs. Luck is still taking our breath away with the beauties she continues to create. Today I have the 11 April Release polishes featuring magnetics, crèmes, holo and UP. So get your pen and paper ready, your shopping list may get might long.


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