Moore Swatches: April Polish Pickup – Across the Universe: Planets and Galaxies


Sometimes I am so smart. Sometimes…lol! But I definitely made the right call to take a few days off and give myself a long weekend. Today is my Friday ladies and gents and I for one, could not be happier! I am elated that tomorrow I can awake on my own time, no alarm, and lay in bed until I decide to get up. Yes, I am looking forward to my 4 day weekend! Definite gonna spend some time with my family and hopefully enjoy some time out doors. But until 5pm, it’s still business as usual and before I go off and enjoy my weekend, I must leave you with my April Polish Pickup (PPU) Roundup.

I hope you are ready to blast off across the universe to experience planets and galaxies in polish form! But not only do I have polishes, I also have plates, drying drops and so much more. This trip to the unknown frontier will sure to have you light headed but not from the zero gravity but from the gorgeousness these makers have created. As you may have seen or even guessed, the April PPU theme is Planets & Galaxies and this polishes give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Far Out”.

So sit back and prepare yourself to soar above the clouds.


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex Peel-off Base) by Vapid, Smooth Operator (glossy, QDTC) from Colors by Llarowe (CbL) and My Perfect Matte Topcoat (matte topcoat) by My Indie Polish. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Alter Ego – Altarf aka Beta Cancri


Maker: Cynthia

 A bright red leaning orange with copper micro flakies. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$7.50 – no cap

B. PolishedAstrum


Maker: Francine

A blackened sapphire holo with a subtle blue/purple/gold multichrome shift and it is loaded with holo, silver, copper, and color shifting flakes, and white and blue glass flecks. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$12 – 200 bottle cap

Drying Drops – Make it Dry Drying Drops

A mix of fizzy, sweet lemon-lime scent

$5 – 100 cap


Bee’s Knees Lacquer – Bubbling Candle


Maker: Sarah

A black based polish with opalescent shimmer and full of iridescent flakes that shift gold to orange to purple and even a hint of blue. This polish uses the same pigment as House on Haunted Chill. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$12 – 200 bottle cap

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer – Monster in a Turbulent Star


 Maker: Julie

A bright orange leaning red scattered holographic with a touch of larger particle linear holographic pigment, aqua shimmer, turquoise glass flecks, gunmetal and gold microflakies, and green to aqua aurora shifting pigment. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$12 – no cap

Dollish Polish – Drop It like It’s Hoth


Maker: Dolly

An icy cool artic aqua blue with intense blue/turquoise shimmer, loaded with lapis, emerald, ad turquoise micro flakies. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$12.50 – no cap

Ever After – To Infinity & Beyond


Makers: Miranda

A black crème with burgundy and blue/green simmer shifter loaded with holo and black galaxy glitter that glows aqua green in the dark. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$11.50 – no cap

Space Jam Cuticle Crelly (2 oz)

A delicious blend of fried dough, sugar, a hint of vanilla and stuffed strawberry jam. All crelly orders will receive a free cuticle oil dropper in matching scent



It Girl Nail Art – LE102


Maker: Nicole

Mini stamping plate packed full of individual space elements and all the planetary and zodiac symbols

$5.00 – 90 plate cap

*Please note that customers purchasing the LE102 plate during the Polish Pickup will receive a coupon with their order that will allow them to receive IG309 FREE with any purchase of $40 or more, through the end of July*
IG309, a companion mini plate, NOT PCTURED which will NOT be offered in the Polish Pickup, but rather it will be a part of the regular Etsy retail line, available on April 10th. It has full-nail patterns of the moon phases and constellations, plus some stars and galaxy swirls. $4.50 .

Jior Couture – Gamora Doesn’t Dance


Maker – Sacha and Ari

A gold/green/ pink/purple holo multichrome with multichrome shifting flakes. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$12.50 – no cap

Jreine – The Galaxy Rocks


Maker – Jill

A strong duo holo base with 2 multichrome pigments loaded with blue and pink micro flakies and copper, pink, violet and turquoise glass flecks. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$13.50 – 240 bottle cap

LynB Designs – Simply Crabulous


Maker: Jennalyn

A deep purple crelly base with red to gold to green to violet shifting flakies and the smallest of holographic shimmers. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$12 – no cap

Personal Diffuser/Inhaler – Universal Calm

A blend of diffusing essential oils including lime, orange, lemon, and grapefruit

$5 – no cap


My Indie Polish – Space Invaders


Maker: Tanya

A neon satin green with black flecks with dries semi-matte. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$12.50- no cap

My Perfect Matte Topcoat

A matte topcoat

$9.75 – no cap


Pahlish – Twisting Nether


Maker: Shannon

A bright blue jelly with a mix of holo flakes, red to green pigment, and mixed chameleon flakes. Swatch shown in 2 coats

$11 – no cap

Shinespark Polish – Maveth


Maker: Molly

A linear hlo pastel multichrome shifting from baby blue to cornflower to lavender

$10 – 200 bottle cap

No issues at all with this polishes and products. Everything applied and preformed as excepted.

What’s on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

 Available: Friday, April 6th @ 11am et – Monday, April 9th @ 11:59pm et!!!!

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