Moore Swatches: April Polish Pickup – Across the Universe: Planets and Galaxies


Sometimes I am so smart. Sometimes…lol! But I definitely made the right call to take a few days off and give myself a long weekend. Today is my Friday ladies and gents and I for one, could not be happier! I am elated that tomorrow I can awake on my own time, no alarm, and lay in bed until I decide to get up. Yes, I am looking forward to my 4 day weekend! Definite gonna spend some time with my family and hopefully enjoy some time out doors. But until 5pm, it’s still business as usual and before I go off and enjoy my weekend, I must leave you with my April Polish Pickup (PPU) Roundup.

I hope you are ready to blast off across the universe to experience planets and galaxies in polish form! But not only do I have polishes, I also have plates, drying drops and so much more. This trip to the unknown frontier will sure to have you light headed but not from the zero gravity but from the gorgeousness these makers have created. As you may have seen or even guessed, the April PPU theme is Planets & Galaxies and this polishes give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Far Out”.

So sit back and prepare yourself to soar above the clouds.


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