Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – The Indie Shop (TIS) – ATL and The Rainbow Brite Collection


Hey Sugas! Happy First Day of Spring! I hope your spring has started with better weather than I’m experiencing here in Maryland. I awoke this morning to freezing rain which quickly turned into snow. What I expected and was hoping for this morning was to wake up to sunny, blue skies and 60+ degree weather.

“Attention Old Man Winter, in case you missed the memo, your turn is over and its now time for Spring!”

There is nothing bring about grey skies and a high of 35, #sigh! I know I shouldn’t complain because it could be worse but I’m so over it already. It appears the only bright thing around here is the Rainbow Bite Collection from Bee’s Knees and The Indie Shop (TIS) ATL Exclusives.

When you read ‘Rainbow Brite’, you may automatically assume neon but this collection is in a class all it’s own. Inspired by the movie Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer as well as the series, every single polish in the collection includes the pigment found in House on Haunted Chill. I’ll wait for you to settle down….hehehehehe.

The Rainbow Bite Collection features 7 colors and will be debuting at the Indie Shop Atlanta on 3/24. They will also be up for sale on the website after the show is over.

Along with the Rainbow Brites, Sarah has created 3 Walking Dead inspired polishes exclusively for The Indie Shop Atlanta.


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex peel off base coat) by Vapid, Prism Shield Top Coat (QDTC) by B Polished and Matte Topcoat by Sassy Sauce Polish (matte topcoat) by Vapid. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Indie Shop Exclusives

Cozy in There?

A khaki polish with orange to green shimmer, scattered holo and green to gold multichrome flakes. This is inspired by the first episode of The Walking Dead, when Rick has to hide in the tank. We tried to copy the color of the tank with the base color of the polish.

Don’t Open, Dead Inside

This is a walker colored polish with a squished grape base, golden shimmer, scattered holo, and iridescent flakes.

RIP Nameless Horse

A muted rose red with linear holo and red to gold multichrome flakes. Horses on The Walking Dead do not have a good track record and I think this first episode sets the tone with the demise of Rick’s horse.

The Rainbow Brite Collection

Dark Princess

Inspired by the main villain in Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, this is a fire orange jelly with opalescent shimmer giving it a golden shift to mimic her hair.

Murky Dismal

Murky might be a bit of a bumbling villain but there is no bumbling around with this grass green jelly filled with opalescent shimmer, giving it a lime green shift.


She might be a bit gloomy, preferring the dreary skies of winter, but there’s nothing dreary about this mauve crelly with flashes of opalescent shimmer.


Inspired by Stormy’s fearsome horse, this is an indigo jelly with tons of opalescent shimmer.


Inspired by Krys’ mechanical horse, this is a dark slate polish with opalescent shimmer and a strong pink shift.


Inspired by the horse so in love with Starlite, this is a hot pink jelly filled with opalescent shimmer giving it a golden shift just like a sun rise.

Majestic AF

Inspired by none other than Starlite himself, this is an opalescent top coat that adds a gold to pink to lime green shift to any polish underneath it.

Overall Thoughts – Bee’s Knees Lacquer – Indie Shop Exclusives and Rainbow Brite Collection

Overall: Sarah deserves a standing ovation for these polishes. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such amazing coverage with jellies before. They’re not too thick and spread very easily. Formula / Application: AMAZING!!! no issues to report. Queen’s Choice: Cozy in There? and Skydancer

Opacity: swatch shown with 2 easy coats

Price: TIS ATL Exclusives – $10 at the show and $12 on the site

Rainbow Brite Collection – $11/ each and Majestic AF $8

Availability: Launching at TIS ATL Saturday, March 24th and on the site following show.

Bee’s Knees Lacquer

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