Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – January 2018 Release


If you weren’t on the Live Nail Party last night you missed a great time!! Ebony aka @swatchalyer was joined by a host a friends and special maker guest, Carrie Duffy of Sassy Sauce Polish. Here a few pictures from last night.

And yes, that is a custom party polish created during the live YouTube stream. And yes, PARTY TIME 2018 LE IS STILL AVAILABLE on the site for only $10!!! Keep your eyes and ears open for the next Live Nail Party, it’s always a good time when friends and nail polish are involved.

In addition to the LE and drastically price reduced polishes, Carrie has added 5, yes 5, scented cuticle oil pens!!! And wait, there’s more! If you shop of January 15th, you can take advantage of the 6 new polishes being released! I personally don’t know how Carrie is still standing.

Let’s take a look at the polishes! Enjoy….

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