Moore Swatches: Ever After – New Years Duo


Before I delve into today’s featured duo, I want to expound a little on some of the updates that you can expect to see in the Queendom aka my blog, in 2018. If you hadn’t already noticed the name, or title, for my Swatch & Review series has officially changed to Moore Swatches….YAY #insertapplausehere. These posts are still press sample (pr sample) polishes that I have been sent for swatch and review.

The second change you will notice at the end of each post, I will be including the stamping polish and plate used for the nail art swatch. And lastly, each post will end with an inspirational quote, words of encouragement or some positive message. My hope is that if nothing else, the post will boost the readers spirits.

So I hope that you are as excited about these changes as I am. I really believe 2018 is the year for kicking things up a notch. Overall, the flow and style of my posts will remain the same but just with a few extras.

That’s enough of me blabbering, let’s jump into the polish! Enjoy….

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex peel off base coat) by Vapid, Tonic Topper (glossy QDTC) by Tonic and Onward Through the Fog (matte topcoat) by Vapid. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Today’s featured duo comes from a brand that is no stranger to the Queendom, Ever After. Rachel and Miranda continue to create hit after hit and I am so delighted to share with you their upcoming New Years Duo.

These polishes are guaranteed to make you feel like a celebrity indulging in the finer, fancier things in life. No not, lobster tail and Merlot but caviar and champagne!

Caviar Dreams

A purple linear holo with a strong pink/purple metallic shimmer

Champagne Kisses

A pewter, gold, iridescent and silver holo glitter bomb


Overall Thoughts – Ever After – New Years Duo

Overall: I for one feel like a million bucks! Formula / Application: no issues to report

Opacity: swatches shown in 3 coats

Price: $10.50/each or $20/duo

Nail Art:

  • Stamping Polish – Black from Mundo de Unas (MdU)
  • Stamping Plate – My Real Intention No 105 from Moyra

Ever After

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“Be willing to go all out, in pursuit of your dream. Ultimately it will pay off. You are more powerful than you think you are.” ~ Les Brown

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