Year in Review – 2017

WELCOME TO 2018!!!img_2681

Someone pinch me! Ok, not literally 😦 I can’t believe it’s officially 2018!!! Those 365 days of 2017 just flew by. Can you believe that this marks the 319th post on my blog?! Wowsers!!!

Let’s take a moment to re-cap some of the 2017 favorites, highlights and most memorable moments in the indie polish world…

  • WAX!!!! 2017 exploded as the year all things wax! Brands also ventured out with more non-polish products including, bath and body, etc
  • While we said adios to great brands like Pipe Dream Polish, we said hello to brands including Sassy Sauce Polish and Bees Knees
  • Makers stepped their game up when it came to amazing creations and birth new polishes like Peacock Parade and Cyber Punk
  • Polish Pickup changed the game when it came to polish shopping!
  • Return of Unicorn Pee!!! The re-release of Coronation by Cirque was a huge hit!
  • And of course….. Polish Con NYC 2017!!! This even was the most memorable experience of my indie polish life….PERIOD!

2018 has it’s work cut out and some big shoes to fill, but from what I can see, it’s already gearing up to be phenomenal.

I couldn’t have asked for more a victorious year in terms of swatching and blogging. 2017 brought great successes for the Queendom and I can not begin to express my appreciation and gratitude to makers for entrusting me with their beautiful creations during this past year. I was given opportunities to collaborate and work with some of the most fascinating indie makers! Working with you is so absolutely amazing and not something I take lightly.

And I know it’s not about the #s and stats but I want to thank all of you that visit and follow my blog! You guys are rock stars and your support means the world to me. From the bottom of my polished heart, thank you to everyone for the comments and likes, views and visits. I thank you for entertaining my little piece of the internet.

For 2018, here’s what you can expect!

~ Series name changes

~ More Guest Bloggers

So buckle in for the ride!!

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” ~Nikos Kazantzakis

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2 thoughts on “Year in Review – 2017

  1. Polish Pickup is the best thing ever, to have access to brands I already love and exposure to new indies in combination with my choice of which products to buy (rather than preselection via monthly or quaterly boxes) is amazing. You have been doing great swatches of the PP offerings, thank you!


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