Swatch & Review: Colors by Llarowe (CbL) January 2018 POTM


So fun fact #547 about me is, my dad and I use to bond over music. He’d play music and I’d have to guess the name of the song and artist. He played everything from Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, EWF, The O’Jays, etc. As I’m sure you could tell, he loved his ‘oldies but goodies’. He made sure that I had a love and appreciation for all genres of music so we’d listen to gospel, rock, county and pop. Those are the memories I’ll never forget!

As I was doing my swatches and preparing the post for the January POTM from Colors by Llarowe (CbL), I kept hearing, “I Hear a Symphony,” by the Supremes. So I plugged up my iPod that only my dad added music to and behold it was there.  

“You’ve given me a true love and ev’ry day I thank you love
For a feeling that’s so new, so inviting, so exciting
Whenever you are near, I hear a symphony….”

Now with over 6k songs on my iPod, anytime I am missing my dad, I just plug it up and have a good fashion dance party in the kitchen with the kids playing guess the song. Thanks, dad!

So without further adieu, here is Symphony, the January PotM from CbL. Enjoy…  

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