Swatch & Review: LynB Designs – January 2018 POTM


Are you one of ‘those’ people that make New Year’s resolutions? I have been in the past because for me, goal setting is a must. It’s never anything too outrageous, just something I know is obtainable for me. Like losing 100lb, while it’s do-able, it’s not usually one of my goals. Instead, I resolve to eat better, cutting out soda and limiting my sweets and junk food intake. Then, if I do lose weight in the process, it’s an added bonus.

For 2018 I am focusing on ‘new experiences’ for my family. There are things we want to try and do and we’ve come up with a list that we can do together. Because let’s face it, as the kids get older, our time together becomes less and less. Heck, the 15 year old is hardly home as it is. Yesterday, we all went to our club house gym and honestly… it was a lot of fun. The kids enjoys it and encouraged each other, we got out of the house and did something all together and you know the saying, ” a family that exercises together, stays together.’

But of course, in all of this, great nails are a must! Maybe your New Years resolution is to #buyallthemultichromes, hint, hint. Whether it is or isn’t, the upcoming POTM from LynB Designs should definitely be part of your collection.  

Let’s take a look! Enjoy… 

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